Day One

This is my first blog post in an adventurous summer and year (maybe a year and a summer) at ECU while I get my MBA. This summer I am staying at home in Apex and working for my neighbor. She owns and publishes the Town Planner Community Calendar for Apex and Cary. Basically, I am Shelly’s right-hand: helping her make appointments so she can sell ads and get lots and lots of local businesses in the calendar. We also do fun things like luncheons at various country clubs. I was spoiled my first week as a lady of the town; now I’m workin’ the phones which is just as fun, just in a different way!

I’m looking forward to the rest of this week- I have a few networking events tomorrow for Town Planner, and then I am making some phone calls to prospective businesses. Its gonna be a fun summer- I get to talk to interesting, crazy, nice, rude, diverse, quiet, boisterous people every day!! All while I learn about everything, and I mean everything that Apex has to offer.

My life is pretty simple and boring right now. Maybe some exciting stuff will happen when I am at ECU!

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