Whoever said Bald Heads weren’t beautiful?

I’m enjoying my last morning on Bald Head Island. It has been quite the adventuresome weekend! I absolutely love it here. Its much better than the Bahamas. Seriously.

If you don’t know about Bald Head Island, learn more. Its one of the most beautiful and serene places. No cars are allowed so everyone takes golf carts or bikes around the island.

Our first day here was Saturday. We sat on the beach for a while and I got to take a nap in the sun. Then we went to Eb and Flo’s- a steam bar on the island at the harbor. We saw Kate Gosselin and all of the kids (no Jon) eating dinner at the same place we were. We found their house too, so we have spent a lot of the weekend cruising past on the golf cart or bikes to see if we can catch a sight. Saturday night we saw Kate going for a jog with her infamous bodyguard and a nanny. She looks great!

Yesterday we spent the morning at the pool, then we traveled to the beach to try and boogie board. Unfortunately, the waves were not quite big enough for boogie boarding so we mostly just floated in the ocean for a while. Still a lot of fun though. Our trip to the beach was quite adventurous. The golf cart essentially died while we were making our way across the island so we had to push it up some hills in order to make our way to the beach. It was pretty funny.

We rode our bikes down to the harbor after dinner to have drinks at Eb and Flo’s. I was craving a pina colada! Then we toured the inn on the island which is just lovely. The woman working at the front desk let us go in all of the open rooms, so we wandered around there for a while. Then, as it started to turn dusk we ventured back to the house. Maggie led the way and Casey and I followed through the jungle. I am pretty sure that I swollowed a bug, Casey got one in her eye, and we all have plenty of bug bites to show for it. It was a really nice bike ride, in spite of the bug dessert.

I have really enjoyed being here at Maggie’s beach house. Her parents are so hospitable and have just been great hosts to us! Now it is time to head back to the real world this afternoon, not after spending some more time on the beach and trying to find Kate and the kids of course!

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