Jon plus 4 and Kate plus 4?

Another exciting Friday night in Apex. Let me back up:

Quick summary of Thursday Morning: Worked. Had fun. Was mistaken for a high schooler AGAIN. Did I mention this was one of my biggest pet peeves? After work, we went to a networking event at Koka Booth hosted by the Cary Chamber. Whole foods catered, it was delicious, and I looked cute, even with sweat drippin’ all over! Then Michael, Maggie, and I went out all over the place in downtown Raleigh. It was fun!

Bar set list: Raleigh Times (artsy-hipster: so not my scene but it is fun to pretend), The Oxford (classy), Landmark (unsuccessful due to a cover charge- lame!), The Busy Bee (best drinks EVER), then ending the evening at MoJo’s (mmm $2 burgers after 10pm)

Woke up this morning, ate breakfast, went back to sleep, had a lot of fun at work/hanging out with Noah, came home, watched tv and ate. What a lively Friday night! Oh, I also went to the Teeter to stock up on some lemons and watermelon to satiate my lemonade/watermelon craving of the evening. Thrilling.

On other notes, I want people to leave Jon, Kate, and the kids alone. I believe that Kate Gosselin is a good mother who really loves her children. Of course she has to be strict! She has 8 kids! Jon on the other hand, I have no sympathy for that dude. There are no excuses for cheating! For those of you who don’t know, we saw Kate and the kids on Bald Head Island. She seemed like a good mom who took care of her kids. Yeah she needs help, and yeah she needs alone time. But seriously, give the woman a break! I’m curious to see what the deal is with this week’s upcoming episode. For those of you out of the loop, they are supposed to be making a big announcement. See below for promo. Let me know how you all feel about this situation. I am curious to hear other people’s opinions. I’m pretty sure they are announcing their legal seperation, or maybe the ending of the show, which would be bittersweet because I really have grown attached to their familiy… but who knows!

Jon and Kate article + video

3 thoughts on “Jon plus 4 and Kate plus 4?

  1. Suz

    I hope they are announcing they are quitting the show. I love Jon and Kate plus 8 and I've been watching since the beginning. I hope they can work out their marital problems and I think quitting the show would be the best idea. I will REALLY miss watching it, but things have just gotten out of control lately and I think they need some time out of the spotlight.BTW…I'm going to have to try The Busy Bee. I've never heard of it, but now you have me curious!


  2. Omega

    I saw one episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, and it seems to me that when Kate gets frustrated she takes it out on poor Jon. In this particular episode she yelled at Jon while they were shopping for toys while the whole store looked on. Pretty embarrassing considering he really didn't do anything that bad. Not taking Jon's side though. I just think they might actually seperate.


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