I’m Back!

I figure I need to write something in this, since I haven’t in a VERY long time. Life has just been so busy…

School – this semester’s class is kind of hard. The exams are really random, and that’s really the only reason it is hard. There truly is no good way to study. So anyways, just really ready for this semester to be over. I’m missing out on a lot of fun weekends because of it – like this weekend, I could have spent in Asheville, or Atlanta. But I am stuck studying. I’m so over it – I just want to get this MBA knocked out in an evening program but oh wait, I can’t do that until I am living somewhere “permanently” for work.

Speaking of, work: It has been good, really busy. My boss and his wife are adopting a little girl – which is very exciting! But he has been tied up with that a lot recently, which makes me pretty much the single point of contact for a lot of the locations that he manages. I like being busy though, and feeling important! And in the past month or two, I really am starting to feel important. I am also starting to get SUPER organized. It’s pretty ridiculous…. But as one of my teammates up in Oak Brook says “always CYA” – cover your a$$. And I have been doing that well lately. I have really enjoyed my time here in TN, and I really like what I am doing – I would give almost anything to work under my current manager when this program is over… But, it is time for me to start looking ahead to what is next. I will be moving somewhere new around July – I still really have no idea where, but my top two choices would be Atlanta and Winchester, VA because they are the closest to home and the VA location will be pretty close to my best friend who will be moving to Covington, VA and also near Washington DC!!

I’m so ready for this weekend – I have a busy few weeks ahead of me. This weekend I need to finish truly cleaning my apartment, study (a lot), and I’m getting a spray tan. Last night’s Skype with Dad solidified how pale I am! Oh, and catching up on TV – I am way behind! Next weekend I will be in Cincinnati for my cousin’s volleyball tournament, and then just after that going to Atlanta for the second MDP training week for this wave. I’m pretty excited about seeing everyone – it can get kind of quiet around here… So it’ll be nice to have people around for a change. And a week at the Sandy Springs Westin doesn’t hurt either 😉 Then shortly after that is Easter, and my parents (and allegedly my brother) are coming – so I am excited about that too! Then, I am going back to Asheville which is one of my new favorite places in NC, besides the beach… Speaking of, Allegiant Air is offering non-stop flights out of Knoxville to Myrtle Beach for super cheap beginning on April 22nd. Its like $60.00 each way… you really cannot beat that. Even though I really don’t like Myrtle Beach, it is pretty close to Ocean Isle Beach, NC and Calabash! I can feel the sand between my toes now… What I would give to be at the beach right now….

Well, I am about to wrap things up for the day and head home. I finished all of my work just shortly ago and figured I’d take a few minutes before the end of the day to update my blog. Maybe this will become a regular thing again? Who knows… Have a great weekend!!

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