Chocolate is the cure for Monday’s

It’s officially been over a year since I wrote in this blog. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers I have read on the internet, and decided to pick this back up again. Hopefully I can make this a regular habit. I have more time on my hands these days. A lot has happened since I last blogged! Check it out:

– I moved from Knoxville to Atlanta. Lived there for a year. I just moved to Charlotte (back to NC!!)

– I joined Weight Watchers, so I didn’t have to go through my weight loss journey alone. I have lost 18 lbs! Give or take a few that I may have gained in the last week or so… and I have met and bonded with some great people along the way. While the title of this post contradicts it, I have really adopted a (mostly) healthy lifestyle and feel really good about my decision to become a “Weight Watcher.” It is a lifestyle and a commitment – not just any old diet.

– I am no longer a “recent college graduate.” Is that weird? I was in Chicago this weekend visiting friends – some kid started chatting me up, he asked where I went to school… He was working in Chicago on an internship. Boy, did I feel old.

– My hair is long again. Current dilemma (as recent as this morning’s throw-it-into-a-ponytail/bun routine) – do I cut it off again? My hairdresser remains in Atlanta, so I guess I can’t decide until my next trip there is finalized.

– I graduated from my rotational program at Newell Rubbermaid. Now I have a big girl job… it is basically the same job I did my first year, but with a different team, in a different location. It all worked out for the best – because the job is NC, and a Katie in NC is a happy Katie.

– I am now one class away from graduating from ECU with my MBA. One class?! Even I can’t believe it. The past two years have been a struggle – but I now can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. 129 days until graduation. I can’t believe I am almost in double digits!!

I think that summarizes my main life changes. I am ecstatic to be back in North Carolina – closer to family, friends, and the beach. I love my apartment. I decided to live in the city. Of all the apartments I have had (SC, TN, GA), I have always lived in the ‘burbs. While my Atlanta apartment was gorgeous and in a great location with respect to work, it wasn’t in a prime social scene. Not that I had time to socialize anyway when I lived there. Things are about to change! I moved on June 30th, but things have been pretty crazy in my life. I was in the middle of summer school, starting a new job while still doing my old one, traveling back to Atlanta for work… I really haven’t had time to explore Charlotte. I focused on getting settled in to my apartment. Looking forward to getting back there and meeting some new people, and spending time with old friends. As much as I love Raleigh, I am trying not to use it as a crutch to fall back in to old habits. I could easily go back every weekend, but I remind myself – I live in Charlotte now, I need to learn to love it too!

For the past week and a half or so I have been in IL for work – a small town about 2 hours west of Chicago. It has been nice – I was able to travel back to Chicago the past two weekends and see some friends. I love Chicago (in the summertime). I had to remind myself of the blizzards in the wintertime and how much a Midwest winter really stinks – or else I would totally move to Chicago… The summertime in the Midwest is just so picture perfect. Also, the food doesn’t hurt either. The town I am in is very small – so I don’t have a plethora of restaurant choices; however, I did find a delicious sushi place only a few miles from my hotel. I have been frequenting their takeout option most nights – it is a light, healthy choice compared to some of the other things I have been eating. Deep dish pizza tonight, whattt?

A pro and a con to traveling for work is that you have to eat out – while this is fun and games for the first few days, I am dying for some home cooked goodness. Ready to get back to Charlotte and my beautiful kitchen (pictures to come). Also, my coworker and I are splitting a Farm Share. So ready for that to begin so I can get fresh and delicious seasonal fruits and veggies every week. The upside to this is that breakfast at the hotel is basically disgusting, so I have been getting Subway breakfast every morning. I will never, ever complain about eating this. It is one of my favorite things, ever – and I tell everyone I know to try it. On your average day, I will get a muffin with ham, egg white and pepper jack cheese topped with spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes, S&P, and a drizzle of their chipolte southwest sauce. That sauce is the ticket. On particularly hungry days, or days where I am picking it up for brunch – I will go crazy and get the 6″ flatbread or two muffins (egg white and cheese only).

I will get off of my soapbox for Subway Breakfast, but seriously though – if you haven’t tried it… I dare you. The muffin is the best $2.00 you will ever spend! Let me know how you like it!!! The flatbread is only $3.00… you really can’t go wrong. It is also much more healthy and nutritious than alternative fast food breakfast choices – super filling too. I have found through my very non-scientific survey of people that certain people fill up on eggs, and other people fill up on oatmeal (and that will hold them over until lunch). I am an egg girl. If you are an egg girl or boy, this breakfast will absolutely hold you over until your next meal. I have tried making it myself – is it good? Yes. Is it as good as Subway’s version? Hell no. Ok, I’ll really stop talking about this now. But I promise, it won’t be the last you’ve heard from me on this subject!!

I also recently started pinning. Have you heard of it? I discovered this phenomenon via reading other people’s blogs – I admit, I was a skeptic but now I am hooked.

I suppose I should bring this post to a close. In light of my impending weekend at the beach – I invited myself on my parent’s mini-vacation… technically I invited them to Charlotte and got rejected – so my mom invited me to the beach with them – here are some inspirational words that really are so true (if I were artistic, I would add chocolate to the pretty painting). Happy Monday!

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