Bachelor Pad – Episode 1

Alright so I am back into blogging – I want to cover this season of Bachelor Pad. This is definitely the best guilty pleasure show of the summer. It’s like a train wreck… I can’t turn it off. I watch reality TV because it is my escape from reality.

Intros: this season is going to be ridiculous. Jake and Vienna in the same house? Who could ask for more? While some of the cast is “filler” – many of them have intertwined stories, due to the incestuous (read: amazing) nature of the Bachelor franchise. I won’t complain – I love the drama. I love how Vienna and Michael say: “if I walk in to Bachelor Pad and Jake/Holly (respectively) are there… I don’t know what I will do.” Hello? Of course they are going to cast all of your exes… it adds to the drama – and I love it.

And here come the limos. Let the party begin – I want to see who gets the most drunk on the first night, and based on the parties involved, there could be a tie for first place.

Is anyone else with me… how does Chris Harrison get paid for this? I am glad Melissa Rycroft isn’t co-hosting this season. I felt that was a bit of overkill.

It’s amazing how the media perception of Jake and Vienna has flipped: Jake = evil and manipulative, and they are really milking the Vienna situation.

Ames is so awkward, yet adorable – if he were the next Bachelor, the season would just be a trip. I am not sure how he could handle 25 women, if he could handle 25 women. The interaction between Gia and Vienna might be more awkward than Ames… Fake smiles all around!!! And, I really can’t stand Jake… the majority of my posts on Bachelor Pad will probably revolve around this subject.

I can’t wait to read Reality Steve‘s recap of the episode tomorrow – his day-after-Bachelor(ette/Pad) posts make my Tuesday complete.

I’m off for now – more on Bachelor pad to come… I happen to be watching it live tonight because I am in a hotel access with no TiVo. I am likely to not make it through the entire episode – these 11/12 hour days at work are really taking it out of me. Back to Charlotte on Friday and my 8 – 5 routine. Very much looking forward to it.

One thought on “Bachelor Pad – Episode 1

  1. 109279595817026608018

    I was wondering the same thing about Jake's \”image\” on the show. I was kind of confused as to how he became the bad guy. Wasn't he the crazed anger management needing bachelor a year ago? Is Vienna REALLY with Casey? I don't know if he has thoughts running through his mind when he is silent or if it is just EASY LISTENING JAZZ 😉


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