Spider bites and restaurants

As some of you know, I have been spending my days in Freeport, IL since the end of July. I am here supporting my old team for work as we go live on a new enterprise planning system (SAP, for those of you who are familiar). I am stationed at a distribution center up here. My team is holed up in a corner of the DC cafeteria. Here is a picture of my workspace, and my chair… Speaking of these chairs, they are painfully uncomfortable and I need a massage. ASAP. Anyone know of any good massage places in Charlotte?? I’ll be back on Friday night!

The electric chair?

Yes, that is a smidge of sunlight that I see!

I have basically been working, working out (if I am lucky – read: not lazy), eating, and sleeping. I have squeezed in two movies (potential movie reviews to come?) and two trips to Chicago during my time here. All-in-all, it has been a pretty good trip! Slim pickin’s on the restaurant selections though. In a small town, you tend to eat at the same places over and over again. My expense report looks something like this: Subway, Subway, Fuji (sushi), Subway, Cannova’s (pizza), Subway, and Sushi.

It is a given and has already been discussed that I get some variation of Subway breakfast every morning since the hotel “buffet” is less-than-stellar.

Before I left Charlotte, I was nervous (read: 100% positive) that I wasn’t going to be able to find any sushi in Freeport, so I was trying to squeeze it in at any possible meal. I was pleasantly surprised to find Fuji Sushi and Hibachi just down the road from my hotel. I was even more pleasantly surprised with the quality of their sushi – I have now tried at least 5 different rolls and each one has been divine. The cucumber salad is some of the best I have ever had: simple with julienne’d cucumbers, that tangy vinegar sauce, and sesame seeds. Below is a picture off of their Facebook page (I regrettably have forgotten to take pictures of my meals!) My favorite roll that I tried happened to be the first one that I tried: tiger roll – eel and avocado, topped with salmon, tuna, and whitefish. Second runner up? A roll not on the menu – summer roll: salmon, tuna, and whitefish topped with a spicy crab meat mix. Simply divine, and so happy that I found sushi in Freeport!

is a locally owned pizza/Italian restaurant in Freeport (website has the correct menu, but an alternative location). I highly recommend the pizza – I have tried a pasta dish before (only once, for a reason) and I was not extremely satisfied. But perhaps they were having an off day, or my taste buds were having an off day, or I just ordered the wrong thing… Their pizza on the other hand is very good – they have a light, crispy crust and a sauce full of Italian flavor. Their mozzarella cheese is top notch quality. The first specialty pizza on their menu is the Cannova’s Classic: diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, spinach, black olives, sweet basil, house cheese, and mozzarella. This is my favorite! I wish I had a picture, I really do… but trust me, this pizza is very good!

On to the spider bites (how do you segue between food and spider bites?), so this small corner of the cafeteria is infested with bugs. Apparently a spider got up in to my pants, and left me two gorgeous and itchy red marks. I am trying to ignore the fact that there are spiders living in my work area… but these love bites make it hard to forget! I’ll be here until Friday afternoon – hopefully I can keep these little creepy crawlies away from me until then. I’ve started keeping my feet propped up on a chair, because in my (completely logical..) mind, this will keep the spiders at bay. You know the feeling when you think bugs are crawling all over you and they really aren’t? Yeah. That’s what I have going on.

And back to food – this central standard time is throwing me off! It’s almost noon here and I am getting mighty hungry. Hopefully the catered food is not chicken (I just don’t like chicken.) and I can have one less Subway purchase on my expense report…

2 thoughts on “Spider bites and restaurants

  1. 109279595817026608018

    What is that on top of the roll toward the bottom of the picture? I am not well versed in Sushi, it is very pretty. At least subway is not only; tasty, healthy but it is so cheap! You got me addicted. Maybe you should start a facebook page to get you to be the next spokesperson ;)Elizabeth


  2. Katie

    I don't know what that stuff is, but the roll looks very good.. I am glad you are as addicted to Subway as I am – I keep telling people about it, and they keep coming! I really do need to be their next spokesperson.. Let's formulate a plan… A FB page could be a good route to go, although my blog only has like 8 fans.. I might not be as popular as I'd like to imagine :-p


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