Weekend update

My life is not terribly exciting right now – my LAST first day of classes ever begins tomorrow. Officially down to 116 days until graduation!! Until something else more exciting comes along, here is my weekend update:

I met my parents at the beach on Friday afternoon – of course, any time I can get to the coast I am a happy camper. I need to figure out a way to move to Wilmington… Ideas anyone? Sat on the beach for a little while on Friday afternoon and caught up with Mom. She started her new (work-from-home) job today! Maybe this is my ticket to beach living?

Friday night we went out to a beach bar on the boardwalk for drinks and dinner. Dinner was less than mediocre. Drinks were delicious. You know it’s been a bad week when you walk in to the bar and immediately order a “Purple Hooter” (shooter) and the bartender responds “already?” Anyway, the shooters were only $3 and they had Landshark draft on special for $2.50.. it is cheap to drink at the beach.

Like I said, the food was not very good. But the evening did have its upsides. The bartender gave me $5 and told me to pick out songs on the “jukebox” – I know its not a jukebox anymore, but that computer thing where you get to pick music. That was FUN! I didn’t even choose it, but my favorite bar song came on right after my playlist of 12 songs. However, the best quote and moment of the night was after finishing the meal.

Dad: well, that food was kind of gross
Me: this is the kind of bar where you don’t eat dinner, you get hammered
Dad: a hamburger probably would have been pretty good
Me: get ‘hammered’ not ‘a hamburger’ *giggles*

Reiterating the food not being good theme – my mom got really sick on Saturday. I managed to sneak in some time on the beach in the morning. We switched hotels to downtown Wilmington and the afternoon was filled with crappy weather and laziness. The good news was that I finished my book! Bad news is my Kindle broke in a sleeping accident. The other good news is Amazon.com has THE BEST customer service and is sending me a new one that is set to arrive on Wednesday (and the Kindle app on my Evo allowed me to finish the novel after the sleeping accident). This is why I do my online shopping almost exclusively with Amazon.com.

This was seriously one of the best books I have read in a while. It tells the story of four girls who attend Smith College (an all-girls school in Massachusetts). The story begins on move-in day of their first year of college – the word ‘freshMAN’ is banned at Smith. There were some hillarious moments, heartwarming moments, and sad moments. I really felt like I was the fifth friend in the book, observing – the author really painted a vivid picture of their lives. From that first day of school, I joined the foursome through the trials and tribulations of college and what happens in those first years of adulthood (definitely relatable) as well as I learned a little back story about each of the characters and the formative experiences in their lives prior to arriving at Smith. The story had an ending I definitely would have never predicted. While this may not be the finest book review, I recommend that people pick up a copy of this or download it to their Kindle/Nook/other e-reader. It is a must read!

On to other important things, the terrible dinner from Friday night was counteracted with an amazing, delicious, nom nom meal on Saturday night. Dad and I had a daddy-daughter date to the Ruth’s Chris bar at the Hilton Riverfront in Wilmington (where we stayed). They have awesome “bar food” (if you can call it that…) high quality and very reasonable prices. I got the ahi tuna salad – the dressing I would describe as a soy vinegarette with a hint of wasabi spice. I took a picture of the salad mid-way through it.. sorry folks, I saw it, I was hungry, and I got overzealous. Wherever you live, check out the Ruth’s Chris bar – you can eat decadent on a budget… or at least for a reasonable price (my salad was $16.95 and dad’s burger and fries were $12.95 – not too shabby).

While this post was utterly thrilling, brace yourselves… Up next: a few of my favorite things…

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