Last Friday night…

… I was at my apartment, eating cheezits (reduced fat, of course), watching the VMA’s (re-play, I forgot to watch them live) and impatiently awaiting the arrival of one of my best friends from High School.

This Friday night… I plan to go walkjogging (this is my new name for my workout: “jog as much as I can until I have to walk, then jog more”), tidy up my apartment, watch bad TV, and eat Outback curbside to go. My life is so thrilling – these Friday nights will become more of a regular thing once Fall TV starts again (Grey’s Anatomy and I typically spend our Friday nights together, thanks to my sweet dear TiVo). I have not done nothing at my apartment on a weekend in so long – I have hardly been at my apartment on a weekend since I moved here. Believe it or not, I am looking forward to my super lazy Friday. It will be nice to relax (unless someone wants to take me on a date, just sayin’). The weather is cool enough now that I haven’t had to have my AC on, just windows open (my wallet will thank me when the power bill comes). Warning: more random thoughts to follow.

So, yesterday I went walkjogging and had several ipod fails. I have a 75 year old ipod, the first generation video. Yes, that big bulky thing and I still lug it around. It just has so much good music on it! I don’t think an armband holder for these ipods exists anymore, so I went with the alternative.

I decided to get me an ipod shuffle. One of those teeny tiny things that just clips on to wherever. No more shoving the ipod in the awkward back pocket of the yoga pants, or down the sports bra or wherever it so will stay put for an entire workout. These are pretty cheap, but I got mine for free! Thank you Wells Fargo credit card points – I probably spent far more money to accrue the points than the ipod would have cost, but hey – it’s free.

On the note of spending money, I bought myself some new Bumble and Bumble shampoo today. I am obsessed with Bumble and Bumble products. OBSESSED. They make the best shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. And they usually have some good giveaways and free shipping on their website if you sign up for their emails. I’ve been having some scalp issues lately, and per some reviews on this shampoo, I hope it helps. I am also going to the dermatologist next week (so close to meeting my deductible for the year…) so hopefully I’ll have a better solution to my scalp woes. Oh, my whole point to this story was that B&B does free gift wrapping – so I ordered a present to myself and got it gift wrapped. I love getting packages in the mail! I love getting mail in general.

In other news, I am really feeling good about my new healthy living plan. Walkjogging is making a difference – the scale hasn’t budged but I have noticed that things are tightening up in the right places aka I am creating new muscle! I just need to keep it up. Part of a healthy living plan also is to treat yourself and I am certainly doing that today.

Lunch was Eez Fusion & Sushi – I honestly was a little peeved. As soon as I got the menu, I said “why do I even bother to open this anymore?” since I always order the same lunch (yellowtail hosomaki combo, side of spicy mayo, side salad with ginger dressing). Well thank goodness I opened it. I immediately noticed that they raised their prices and changed their options on their lunch combos (lunch was up $1.00 and there was an additional $1.00 upcharge if you wanted miso soup or ginger salad). I still ordered the yellowtail hosomaki but got seaweed salad instead. Their sushi is some of the best I have ever had, but the price increase and lack of selection really has me down.

Needless to say, Eez will no longer be my lunch spot of choice. While they do have the best sushi around, I am a bit irritated at their price increases and the selection decreases. Also, the service sucked (today – it usually isn’t this bad). Our waiter dilly-dallied for like 45 minutes, we were just (im)patiently awaiting our checks. Finally he goes, “oh are you guys on your lunch break?” and picked up the pace and actually swiped our cards. I am usually a 20%+ tipper – not today. I drowned my sorrows in a bowl of TCBY froyo. It’s not my fault it was within view of the lunch venue. Needless to say, today is a “treat myself” day and tomorrow is back to normal (ideal but not realistic)… Guaranteed back to normal on Sunday 🙂 As long as I keep up my walkjogging, I feel like I can eat reasonably and healhfully and have some splurges. I am less tempted with cravings than I ever was while I was on Weight Watchers – not that I deprived myself then… and I am not now. I just need to be less focused on the scale and more focused on the fitness. Slowly but surely transitioning my mindset in that direction.

Hopefully my weekend will officially start soon – the faster I can get walkjogging with my jumbo ipod out of the way, the faster I can start my relaxing on the couch!

Yep. That’s my couch/nesting area. Doesn’t it look so comfy? What is everyone else doing this weekend to relax??

2 thoughts on “Last Friday night…

  1. cde0f4d8-db1b-11e0-af48-000f20980440

    Boo to Eez price increase! That was thoroughly disapoing. Who in their right mind would pay $11.00 for a vegetarian role? I am excited that there is a new epidsode of 48 hour mystery this weekend…however I feel bad about it becuase that means someone had a tradgedy. Love the living room! Only 1 hour 2min left…!


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