Weekend Adventures

Two of my oldest and most favorite best friends came to visit this weekend – Casey and Meredith! We always have so much fun together, and no matter how old we get, and how much time passes between our last visit, it feels just like the old days and like we had seen each other yesterday!

We had lots of weekend adventures. Adventures with food, malls, cabs, and bars.

We ate… and ate… and ate some more. Luckily we all have the same (diverse) taste in food so there was never any restaurant selection drama! Friday night, we went to 131 Main in Dilworth. Part of me doesn’t want to announce this here, because I feel like it is a well-kept secret, but they are a BYO restaurant – this really kept our meal costs down! We brought in a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine. I also had a free appetizer coupon. Best pimento cheese in the whole world. The unique thing about 131 Main is that they do not have freezers; everything they make is super fresh! And super delicious I might add. We shared the dip platter (salsa, guacamole, and pimento cheese). We also shared the Ahi Tuna Salad and Shrimp and Grits. This goes down as one of my favorite meals ever.

We went out to the bars at Montfort that night and made new friends! It was fun. The most entertaining part of the night was the cab ride home. The cab driver had some specialty burned CD’s that he decided to play for us. Weirdest. Music. Ever. I was so confused. He was really in to the music too… Well we all made it home in one piece only slightly emotionally scarred from that strange sound coming from the cab’s speakers.

“Brunch” the next morning took place at the Midnight Diner.

We forgot to take pictures, but this was by far the unhealthiest meal we had. It surely was delicious though… Casey got Chicken and Waffles, Meredith got a slider and onion rings, and I got a hot dog and onion rings (they really have the best waffles). It was a delicious.. breakfast??? Afternoon laziness ensued. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and napped. Well, me and Casey napped. And Meredith took pictures.

We then got off of our behinds and went to the mall. I had to pick up a necklace that was getting repaired and my race bib for Saturday’s 5K. We all had a successful shopping day and cute dresses to wear out that night at Francesca’s. Look how cute we are! I will not bore all of you with the photo shoot that took place in my bathroom while getting ready… hey, we know how to have fun.

Dinner that night was at The Cowfish. If you haven’t heard of The Cowfish, it is a combo sushi bar/boutique burger bar. The food is so delicious! My favorite part of The Cowfish is the Bento Box. You get the best of both worlds: thai cucumbers, sweet potato fries (I subbed for the pickle chips), edamame, sushi, and a slider!

We also had crab rangoon dip and I got a cucumber mojito! Nom nom!

We got back to my apartment and more laziness ensued. We were about 10 minutes away from not going out that night… but we got our act together and started playing drinking skip-bo, which is basically my favorite game.

After we each won a round, we again got our behinds in gear and began the getting ready process. And I lied… this wouldnt be a true recap of the weekend if I didn’t include at least one picture of our bathroom photo shoot.

We went to Epicenter that night – Strike City is a bowling alley. I know what you all are thinking: Katie? Bowling? And no, I did not bowl. I stood there and looked pretty. It was fun. We met up with our new friends there, and went to some random bar – I still don’t know what the name was but we had fun!!!

All in all, it was a successful girls weekend and I miss them!!!

Dear Casey and Meredith,

Come back soon! But, not too soon. This girl can only handle that much awesomeness every so often.


P.S. I will be in Raleigh in a few weeks so let’s have part two then.

Until then, I get to look forward to this coming Saturday in Atlanta with more of my best friends! Including but not limited to Betsy, Matt, Sehar, and you know, TAYLOR SWIFT.

Betsy got us tickets in the suite at Phillips Arena. NBD. We are hoping if we tweet at her, we can get her to meet us at Taco Mac before the show. We’ll be the girls dressed like cowgirls. I’ll probably be eating popcorn and drinking beer. Betsy will be the one screaming like a crazy person. We won’t be hard to find at ALL.

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