My favorite blogs!

While of course my #1 favorite blog is Katie’s Pirate Booty… I am a huge fan of reading blogs for entertainment. So, here goes my list of favorite blogs in no particular order (except for the first one – it really is my favorite blog).

Suri’s Burn Book

This is hands down one of the funniest blogs I have ever read. Some creative genius writes from the POV of Suri Cruise (Tom and Katie’s daughter). While posting is not always constant (which I would love), the posts are always quality and completely hillarous. As you could imagine, Suri Cruise is probably a snotty child, and this blog completely embodies what you would imagine as her personality. She pokes fun at other celeb children in completely ridiculous manners. If you are in to pop culture, and want a good laugh, I highly recommend checking out Suri’s Burn Book.

Healthy Tipping Point

Healthy Tipping Point is a healthy living blog – Caitlin is a really good writer, and has varied columns that keep me interested with topics ranging from recipes to running to restaurants. She is also a local Charlotte blogger! I enjoy hearing the things she checks out in the city.. maybe one day we will run in to each other! It is weird, but by reading other people’s blogs (people who post often and/or write a lot of detail about their life), I feel like I really know them.

Reality Steve

I discovered Reality Steve about 2 years ago. He posts spoilers of The Bachelor(ette) franchise, and I love it. He also writes incredibly humorous reviews of the shows, as well as other reality shows such as DWTS. He has recently started featuring other bloggers on his site to cover shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchise. Keep in mind, Reality Steve has a lot of ‘inside’ info that may ruin the allure of the show for some of you. For me, I love the cynicism of Reality Steve’s posts and the fact that he always points out the ridiculousness of the concept that is the Bachelor(ette). Of course, I still watch the shows and feed in to the hype… Reality Steve has made my viewing experiences that much better.

Faye’s Book

I came across Faye’s Book during one of my Bachelor(or maybe -ette?) phases in which I was obsessed with reading any and all blogs about the show. While Faye does blog about the Bachelor(ette), she tells some pretty funny stories about her life. We are in the approximate same age group/place in life, and I find I can identify with her blog (read: life) pretty well.

Gina’s Skinny Recipes

Gina. Is. Awesome. This is my go-to website for any recipe. I get so excited to see her new posts! She is Weight Watchers friendly, and if you have not been to this site – GO, NOW, CLICK FAST! While her recipes are healthy, she does a fantastic job of disguising that fact. None of her recipes that I have tried taste overly healthy. She uses normal, fresh ingredients to make simple dishes. Also, her photography skills make her dishes look particularly delectable

Check out some of these blogs and let the writers know what you think! What are some of your favorite blogs?

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