Hoarders: Canned Goods Edition

Apparently, I am auditioning for an unannounced show called Hoarders: Canned Goods Edition. Credits belong to Food Lion, Aldi, and my father.

My Rubbermaid handy-cart post-Aldi trip filled with some of the goods
It is funny the habits children pick up from their parents without even realizing it. I make fun of my dad for having a pantry full of canned goods and making chicken noodle soup. I now have a pantry full of canned goods and made chicken noodle soup with said canned goods last week.

Exhibit A
A few weeks ago, I got some fun pantry organization supplies from Rubbermaid! A can organizer as well as a helper shelf. They have tons and tons of organizational tips and tricks on their website as well as their blog. Check it out!

I feel fully stocked for the winter (canned goods, peanut butter, pasta sauce, and toilet paper have all been purchased in bulk). Speaking of peanut butter, prices are going up! Stock up while you can. I got two jars of reduced fat Jif at Food Lion today.

In other news, with my newly built stockpile, I plan on making and eating a lot of soups! Healthy, nutritious, and filling. On tap for the next week or two:

– Beef stew (beef, orzo, diced tomato, green beans, potato, onion)
Turkey white bean pumpkin chili from Gina’s Skinny Taste
– Butternut squash soup is in the freezer – best served with sunflower seeds and sour cream on top, with a side of cornbread
North African Meatball Stew over couscous will be next week (I use turkey meatballs instead of making my own).

I really enjoy making soup because it is easy and portable. And it is also basically foolproof. While I have not really messed anything up in the kitchen before (minus my recent kale incident – which I don’t like to talk about)… soups are incredibly easy. Chop some meat up, open a few cans, toss in pot, add some seasonings, and heat until the flavors have melted. Or even easier, throw all that stuff in a crockpot and come home to a yummy smelling dinner!!

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