Hopin’ for Raleigh

While I live in Charlotte (and I love it), Raleigh will always be my favorite city. North Carolina is my favorite state, so life is pretty good that I at least live in the state again!

Downtown Raleigh at night
I just wrapped up a visit to my favorite city and got to see (almost) all of my favorite people. Only a few friends were missing, and that is just because they live out of town (note to self: need to plan a trip to Washington DC and Nashville after graduation).

Some highlights of the trip…

Delicious dinners at Sushi Blues, Shiki Sushi, Buku, and Jimmy V’s

Dynamite appetizer at Sushi Blues
Big Red (aka my car) got her oil changed, tires rotated, a bath, and a vacuuming. She is so happy and clean but tired of driving. She told me she needed a rest for a few days…

Scott’s Mill Oktoberfest and family fun

Oktoberfest fun
One-on-one time with some of my best friends that I have not spent time with in far too long.

Obligatory pre-going out pic – not in a mirror, courtesy of Mom!
Recruiting at my alma mater NCSU with another one of my best friends.

Betsy and I outside of the College of Management

And enjoyed a delicious post-recruiting dinner with another good friend (ref. above one-on-one time)…

Pretty centerpiece and Michael’s to-go short ribs

Look how cute and professional I am!

Butternut Squash and Chicken Pierogis

Creme Brulee Sampler – Vanilla, Chocolate, Ginger (l to r)
Meatloaf sandwiches – multiple times (at least once for breakfast, don’t judge me til you’ve tried it). Thanks for fixing the meatloaf, Dad!

Nom nom nom.
A new camera! Hopefully I will continue to have more pictures in my blog (not taken with my HTC EVO…)

Sometimes, there is just no place like home. This was one of my more enjoyable trips to Raleigh because I got to see everyone that I love! Not that my trips are not typically enjoyable – this one was just particularly fun. Since my old room has been taken over by my brother’s crap, I sleep on the pull-out bed in the bonus room. Look at what my sweet mom did my first night of recruiting!!

Yes, that is a Kit-Kat on my pillow…
It is sad that my next trip home is not until Christmas, but I hope it is another fun-filled trip. I have a lot to keep me busy (and to look forward to) from now until then, but I certainly cannot wait to get back! And hopefully more often after I am done with school.

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