My Favorite Things: Workout Edition

My inspiration for this post came from my friend Christine (who does not have a blog but needs one. She has funny stories). Example: she told me she was going to take a ‘big girl shower.’ What is a ‘big girl shower?’ Apparently its hair washing AND leg shaving at the same time! Why would one not wash their hair in the shower? Christine swears by Victoria’s Secret dry shampoo. I am not a conneseuir of dry shampoos because of some scalp issues and have to wash my hair every day (thank you dermatologist for slowin’ me down!). This one comes highly (HIGHLY!) recommended. It would be great to use after a work out when you don’t want (or don’t have time) to full-on shower!!! Anyway, she asked me for an economical sports bra recommendation. And this post was born.

Here are some of my favorite workout things:

C9 by Champion Compression Bra

I recently came across this sports bra thanks to a sale at Target. I am pretty loyal to the C9 by Champion brand for my workout gear, but they really do make quality sports bras. I bought this bra because it was on sale (and cheaper than my ‘normal’ sports bra). It works very well for those of us that… for lack of a better word… bounce a lot during our workouts. I am so thankful I found this bra! It keeps me in place during my jogs and is very comfortable. Priced at around $15, you really can’t find a better deal!

Ipod Shuffle

Best. Investment. Ever. Instead of jogging around with my old Ipod Video clunker, I now clip this on to the waistband of my pants and go. It is very easy to use and allows me to choose my playlist or song as I jog. The Ipod will talk to you, and tell you what song or playlist you are on. It’s pretty cool! For $49, it is definitely a good supplementary MP3 player, and minimizes those cumbersome moments when trying to find a song with a display screen.

Danskin Now Yoga Pants and Jacket

I mentioned loving the C9 by Champion brand; but their workout pants are expensive. I bought a pair not realizing it was $30. Those went back the very next day. My mom got a nice light black workout jacket at Wal-Mart. I got one too ($12), and some black pants to match ($14)! These will be perfect as the weather starts to get cooler. I needed something to wear over my short sleeved shirts and tanks. And I know I won’t be able to wear jogging shorts without leggings for long. A great brand for workout clothes on a budget!

While I have my opinions on certain aspects of workout gear, one of the things I need major help with is choosing running shoes. I currently own a pair of 2-year-old, beat up, Nike running shoes. While they are relatively comfortable, I think I can do better for my feet.

Does anyone have running shoe suggestions? How do you go about finding the right pair for your feet?

One thought on “My Favorite Things: Workout Edition

  1. xine.

    What are you running in now and what are you looking for? Any good running store will watch you run and find the right shoes for you — but it is good to know if you want something special. I run in Nike Frees, and love them. They are super lightweight and bend with my foot. I think they cost under $70, and when I put my 300 miles on this pair, I will definitely be looking for something similar.


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