Meatless Monday

Today is Meatless Monday… I usually eat a fairly vegetarian diet, but I am going to make a particular effort to go meatless on Monday’s from now on! It is an ‘excuse’ to stay on plan and make healthy choices. I need more theme days to keep me on track… Ideas, anyone?

Today’s Meatless Monday Meals (loving the alliteration…)


Peanut Butter and Jelly English muffin – this breakfast has become my standby. I used to eat a bagel thin with cream cheese every morning, but lately English muffins have been on sale more than bagel thins! 6 Points Plus.


Tortellini and Tofu Soup – leftovers from the weekend. Just as delicious the next few days! 6 Points Plus.


A banana – my old faithful snack. I usually eat this right before I leave work, giving me enough fuel for my after-work run. 0 Points Plus.

Spaghetti Squash – more leftovers from the weekend. I microwaved a spaghetti squash, and mixed the contents with a can of zucchini in tomato sauce, and 2 wedges of Laughing Cow garlic herb cheese. It made two hearty portions! For only 3 Points Plus, it is a bargain!

100 Calorie Ritz Snack Pack – I couldn’t resist… I love a crunchy snack. The spaghetti squash did just not sound as good. I will save this for another day! 3 Points Plus.


Tomato Pie – even more leftovers from the weekend. My food today is so easy to reheat and eat! 9 Points Plus.


Pumpkin Softies and a glass of skim milk. When these are gone, I am whipping up another batch. Definitely a satisfying recipe for only 3 Points Plus per softie. 2 for the milk.

Meatless Monday isn’t so bad! I have had lots of fulfilling meals, and definitely am getting the most for my Points Plus allowance today (29 total). I’ll be going meatless tomorrow too… but sushi is on the menu for lunch, so I will be having some fish. I love sushi!

Did anyone else have a Meatless Monday? What are some of your favorite vegetarian dishes? I need more inspiration for future Meatless Monday’s!

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