My Life in Lists

I am in the home stretch people. 45 days until graduation and only 21 days until I take my last final exam ever. Holy crap. 21 days. Let’s be honest here, I have not been doing my reading on the chapters as I should have. I have been slacking this semester really bad. Really, really bad. Needless to say, I got the exam topics from the professor today and have some work to do (but thankfully not too much…). 5 short answer questions (one each from chapters 1 – 5) and 25 multiple choice questions (from chapters 1 – 5, 9, and 12). It won’t be too bad, I just need to learn this material…

When I have to get motivated (for real) this is what my life starts to look like. I make list after list. I transfer old lists to new lists, and I keep my work (or while-at-work) to-do list in outlook too.. This one doesn’t look so daunting. Except for those evil red items!

Lists are my way of taking control of things – even if I don’t have a lot of control over those things. The next three weeks are particularly crazy, and I will probably have lots and lots of lists.

Just a few lists from now, I will get my life (and sanity) back. I will get a trip to Vegas. I will get some vacation time over Christmas. And some time spent with friends and family. And so begins the ultimate countdown to my FREEDOM! Everyone around me will be happy too, because I will finally stop complaining about school 😀

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