Girls Weekend with Stephany

This post is long overdue! My life has been a little crazy in the past week. I made my last presentation for school today, and I am trying to study for my final exam next Tuesday. I will probably be MIA from blog-land until next Tuesday, but wanted to share my fun weekend with all of you!!

Stephany came in to town. We hope she will be moving here in a few months! It was such a fun weekend. Here are some of the highlights…

Friday night was pretty quiet – we went to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar where I got the delicious black bean burger. We went to the Montford bars and made some new friends, but left pretty early because we were tired!

Saturday was a fun day, if you ignore the Banana Republic outlet mall incident. We went to brunch at Toast in Dilworth. So delicious. I had a Groupon (or living social deal) and we were able to use it for brunch!

We then went to Concord Mills for shopping. I wanted a refund for some stuff at Banana Republic, but they were excessively rude and would not help me. So, I will not be shopping there again for a long while. They owe me $30!

Then we napped, relaxed, and watched Grey’s Anatomy. How crazy was last week’s episode?! Then we got ready to go out! Stephany wanted to experience Uptown Charlotte, and so we did. Vida for dinner and then Mez for the party. Here is the night in pictures! After story time.

Favorite story of the night: there was a $10 charge to get in to Mez. The three of us were collectively too frugal to pay the cover charge. $10? WTF. So Stephany tried to negotiate with the bouncer. Fail. I tried to negotiate with the ticket girls. Fail. So we just stood around in the lobby… I think the bouncer felt bad for us, because somehow he gathered 3 tickets and handed them over to us and we got in for free! Looking needy works, I suppose?

Obligatory getting ready photo shoot

Practicing my sparkly skirt look for Vegas. 

Stephany’s friend Graham, Stephany, Me – at Vida for Mexican food!

Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole. Hiding in the back is a mushroom and goat cheese quesadilla.

Marcelo and I – my friend from high school!

On Sunday, my friend Kristen offered us two tickets to the Panthers game! We had been talking all night about how we wanted to go. Our dreams were coming true for the small price of $30 per ticket. This is how we proceeded to come up with the cash. We managed to scrounge up $50 out of that pile.. I still owe Kristen the rest. We were cracking up (and not interested in walking to the bank, duh.)
Does this look like $50 to you?

Awesome view from our seats!!
I had such a fun weekend. I hope Stephany comes back to visit soon, so we can have a re-run. Now I am going to finish watching this week’s Private Practice and get a good night’s sleep. I took a vacation day tomorrow so that I could study. Countdown to final exam and Vegas: 5 days!

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