Viva Las Vegas – Part II

Time to recap the Las Vegas trip… One word: amazing. Ok… I’m done now! Just kidding.

Let’s back things up. The day I departed for Vegas, I took my last final exam.

In all reality, I have no idea what I got. But I am pretty sure I passed, meaning I AM DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL!!!! This did not happen without any issues though. Of course, I couldn’t log in to my exam. I had a mental breakdown in the middle of a public library. Then my professor reset my exam, and all was well. So instead of crying tears of joy after my final, I cried tears of panic during my exam. I don’t think it was until I was complete with all of the essay questions that I finally calmed down. Don’t worry though, I reviewed my exam with a completely sane mind (ok, I’m only 75% sane all of the time…) Whoopsies. Sorry librarian proctor!!!!

Anyway, I then went on a mad dash to Party City to find things to decorate myself for my birthday. I settled on an ‘It’s my birthday’ light-up necklace that was unfortunately broken. Got the delicious truffle mushroom mac and cheese from noodles and co. Enjoyed some celebratory champagne, finished packing up my stuff and hopped in a cab for the CLT airport!


Airport = excuse to drink wine and people watch. I hung out at Chili’s before I hopped on my flight to ATL. More wine in ATL and some really good soft pretzels with dipping sauces. Nom nom. I met my family there and finally got on our very delayed flight to Las Vegas.

 Mom and Jonathan
Me and Dad

We sat on the runway for like an hour – there were storms and had to clear debris before any planes could take off.  When the pilot announced we were 15th in line for departure, I knew we were in for the long haul. Don’t you just love the Atlanta airport? After midnight, we were finally in the air. Some magazine reading and a 2 hour nap later, we were starting our descent in to Las Vegas. Holla!!!

Dad arranged for a limo to pick us up from the airport. Our limo driver was crazy but hillarious. See below evidence. At this point in time, it was 4 AM EST so I think we were all a little loopy. He drove us around to see the sights and we even had a photo shoot at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign! There weren’t many people out – surprisingly since it was only around 1 AM PST. Jonathan did sight a hobo outside of our limo though – he alerted everyone to roll up the windows, yo.

After all of that, we finally arrived at the hotel! The Flamingo. It smells like tropical coconuts inside and I love it.  Jonathan passed out.

The rest of us went to get some late night (or early morning?) food which seemed to take forever to arrive. It was good though, or maybe we were just that hungry… Anywho, after being up for 24 hours (minus one 2-hour plane quality nap), we were ready for bed!!!

Part III coming soon!!

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