Viva Las Vegas – Part III

After sleeping 4 hours, we decided it was time to really see Las Vegas. In the daylight. With other people around. I was in awe as soon as we left our hotel room, snapping pictures left and right. First order of business was to head to the Bellagio for the breakfast buffet. We had to hit the buffets on Wednesday, because for the rest of the week, the prices were basically doubling for the holiday. Crazy!

View on the way to brunch

I managed to fill up four plates of food. Go ahead, judge me. I really only ate about half of what was on each plate – so I guess I ate two plates of food. And every bite was worth it.


Post plate #3, my mom thought I had gone up to go to the bathroom. I came back with a fourth plate of food. We decided  to leave before they kicked me out. I was all hopped up on Diet Coke and sugar and ready for some more Las Vegas action.

We explored the Bellagio casino and lobby (where I was harrassed by a creepy talking tree, totally not cool), went in to Paris (where I was attacked by a gorilla, confession: this may have been a self-selected attack), and went back to the hotel for naps.

Bellagio Lobby
Evil talking tree
Me and the fam – Thanksgiving-themed lobby at the Bellagio
View from the Bellagio – looking at Paris and Bally’s
Self-inflicted gorilla attack.

After our wanderings came more wanderings. I woke up, showered and attempted to look presentable. Then we decided to make our way down the strip! I wanted to see as many hotels and casinos as possible. Although, they sort of all look alike – they really do have their differences too! Great people watching in Las Vegas. Like, really great.

 Check it out. Mario is totally hammered!

 Me in a giant high heel at The Cosmopolitan – Christmas gift idea?

 The New York Skyline in Las Vegas – really cool hotel and casino

I turned in to a ginormous crab after dinner. I was so tired! I had a little time out in our room, then we ended the night by watching the fountains at the Bellagio and then getting lost in exploring Caesar’s Palace. Before I knew it, it was real late and time to go to bed so I wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving crab slash birthday bia.

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