Leaving Las Vegas

Saturday was our last day in Las Vegas. My family got up extra early for their direct flight back home. My flight wasn’t for two more hours, but I got up too and wandered up and down the strip to pass the time.

That hotel room was lonely by myself! I headed down to the Palazzo for coffee, and then Subway for breakfast. It is one of my favorite things. Wandering around took about an hour… then I proceeded to start heading towards the airport, which I thought was going to be super packed. The security line moved really fast, and I was able to make a direct sprint toward the Terminal D food court my gate.

LAS airport has free wi-fi which was kind of nice since the rest of Las Vegas is pretty much free-wi-fi-less. I read some on my Kindle (so much free time, so much reading to do!) and did make it to that food court for Auntie Annie’s pretzel sticks and Pizza Hut – it was my last day of ‘free’ eating so I was going to make the most of it!!!

The flight to Memphis sucked, aside from seeing the Grand Canyon from the plane window. I was sleeping most of the time, but when I was not sleeping, we went through some pretty bad turbulence. I am usually a good flier, but I was a bit uncomfortable on this flight.

The Memphis airport was eerily quiet, and I had one thing on my mind. And that was Jim Neely’s Interstate BBQ. I really love Eastern NC BBQ, but this stuff really took the cake. You know the BBQ is good when the platter is served with two slices of Wonder bread. Oh yeah.

I got the chopped pork with coleslaw and baked beans as my side. The baked beans had chopped pork all up in the sauce, and the side of bread was served with a side of spicy dip, that I proceeded to pour all over my BBQ and beans. I have been really in to spicy lately.

I will now be scheduling all of my flights on Delta to have at least a 1 hour layover in Memphis, so I can get this BBQ platter again. I could only eat half of it at the airport, but I surely dragged it back with me to Charlotte and reheated it after I got home and unpacked. It was just as good, and may have somehow gotten better on the ~600 mile journey home.

While I miss the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, I am lucky to have a nice view of Uptown Charlotte from my balcony (ok, the Duke Energy building and the Panthers’ Stadium, but still). Withdrawal was less painful.

I hope you all enjoyed my recap of our family vacation! We had a great time, and it was fun writing down everything that we did. You can check out the rest of my pictures here.

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