Wednesday Randoms

So, now that I am done with grad school (that is official on December 16th), I have all of this ‘free’ time on my hands. I really don’t feel like I have much free time at all! How in the world did I ever fit in school? Or maybe I have been subconsciously trying to fill my time so I don’t feel bored…

Work has been pretty slow – it usually is around the holiday season. So that part of my day has been dragging on and on. After work, I have been filling my time with exercising, socializing, and (gasp!) I went on a date last night. While I won’t get in to the details on here, first dates are always awkward, but it did give me the confidence that I can go on more (if necessary..) We’ll see how this one turns out.

Back up to this weekend, two of my dear friends Camille and Michael came to visit me! They both arrived on Saturday and it immediately felt like college all over again. We used to have so much fun together – eating pizza, drinking beer, playing cards… so we repeated all of that this weekend!

Saturday night’s sunset was gorgeous. We took advantage of my porch!

Dinner was equally as amazing. I had the ‘fish and grits’ – so good.

We had tons of fun, and I was so sad to see them go. Luckily, there will be more visits! Camille and I live closer than we ever have since college, yay! And Michael and I have a lot more exploring to do together in Charlotte!

My friend and co-worker Courtney came in to town on Monday for some meetings, so we took advantage of the situation.

We went to dinner at Eez (yum, sushi!) and then got TCBY and spontaneously decided to go to the movies. Neither of us had been in a long time! We saw J. Edgar without knowing much about the movie at all, other than he started the FBI. It was a very interesting historical movie that took us through 50 years of history. It was very interesting! I recommend Redbox-ing it when it comes out, because I don’t think it will be in the theaters much longer.

Only two more days in the work week! Tomorrow night is our work Christmas party, and Stephany will be here this weekend so we can have a repeat of her last visit.

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