The week ahead

I have been a complete lazy bum this weekend. Stephany was here (we had a great time!), and left on Saturday morning. Other than that, I have basically been on the couch the entire weekend, watching bad TV. I did manage to clean the kitchen, vacuum, and do laundry. Small accomplishments, right?

I am totally not looking forward to this week. Work has been incredibly slow. Which just makes the day drag on, and on, and on. I think I am just ready to be home for Christmas vacation. Where I will recite the beginning of the below scene at least 17 times.

Due to my extreme laziness this weekend, and lack of all motivation… I am planning out my meals (through Friday) and my workouts (through next Sunday) to try and make a commitment to not be totally lazy this week. Yes, Tuesday through Thursday’s meals are all the same. Don’t judge. You haven’t tried the chili yet. Recipes to come!

I am trying to minimize eating out this upcoming week. Last week, I ate out a lot and really need to cut back until Christmas. To try and save a little money, and to try and save some calories/sodium content.


  • Monday – 30 minutes on elliptical at gym, pilates DVD at home
  • Tuesday – 2.5 mile run
  • Wednesday – 3.5 mile run
  • Thursday – 30 minutes on elliptical at gym, pilates DVD at home
  • Friday – 60 minute run
  • Saturday – mall walking?
  • Sunday – 3 mile run



Tuesday – Thursday


  • Breakfast – Subway egg white english muffin with veggies and southwest sauce
  • Lunch – Half veggie panini, pasta e fagoli soup
  • Dinner – TBD… black bean burger? 
Hopefully I can stick to my plan and have some good success this week with weight loss!! What is on your agenda for this week? Any goals you want to accomplish?

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