New Year’s Resolutions: an update

So now that I am two days back in to the swing of things, I thought of a few more things I want to add to my New Year’s resolution list. I feel like many of my resolutions are some things that I should be doing on a daily basis, and are definitely do-able.

I would call these more goals than resolutions, and hopefully  many of them will turn in to good habits, naturally occurring in my daily routine.

Original goals are in italic, and new/updated resolutions are in bold. I completely left out any ‘personal’ goals… Oopsies! Can’t forget about #1!

Weight Loss

  • Get down to my goal weight by the end of April – after the holidays, I am sure I have at least 15 lbs to lose now. Darn Christmas cookies.  
  • For the month of January: only eat out for lunch once per week and dinner twice per week. Revisit this in February to make sure it is realistic.  
  • Oh, and stay away from alcohol as much possible (Realistically, this means once per week, if that). Exception for January: MLK Weekend in DC. 
  • Cook more fresh and healthy foods! Invest in fresh produce every week and plan meals each week.
  • Clean out my freezer by supplementing fresh foods with meals I have in my freezer. So far, so good!


    • Train for and run at least one half marathon (hopefully 2: one in July, and one in December).
    • Take a Pilates class at the gym.
    • Do a new Pilates DVD from Netflix at least once per week. 
    • Learn how to strength train at the gym and at home to supplement my running efforts.
    • Instead of going out to lunch, go to the gym! 
    • Run at least 3 times per week (once on the weekends!) This is covered in my workout schedule!
    • Create a monthly workout schedule (check!) for January – March and stick to it (on schedule so far!) Continue this in to Feb, March, and April. 
    • Stretch before and after my runs, and after I do the eliptical. Incorporate a new stretching routine (I downloaded it free from itunes!) at least once in January. 


    • Go on approximately 1 date per week – or at least make more of an effort to get one per week…
    • Floss every night, not just ‘when I feel like it.’ – you know you have it on your list too. 
    • Follow my skin care regimen laid out by my dermatologist – scalp, hand, and back care. Time consuming but I need to get these issues back under control, especially in the winter months when it all seems to get worse. 
    • Tidy up my apartment each night before going to bed – this means: put away clutter, load dishwasher, and get things ready for the morning.
    • Make bed on the weekends. For real. 
    • Cook a new tofu recipe at least 2x per month.


    • Become an expert in sourcing marketing and communications spend at work
    • Take more training classes to complement my professional development


    • Start a food-related blog project once I reach my goal weight
    • Make something at least once a month off of Pinterest to feature on my blog
    • Host some fun blog giveaways! (Stand by. One is coming soon!)
    Wait… These goals aren’t scary! They are attainable and will keep me on track for healthy living in 2012!
    I am EXCITED!!! And so is Betsy… New year, new beginnings!!!
    Ok, we were really excited to see Taylor, but if we took a picture about how we feel about 2012… this is what it would look like. 

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