Weekend Recap

This weekend I did absolutely as little as possible. This won’t be the most exciting post.

I did, however, accomplish something completely unheard of in Katie-land. I ate out only ONCE this weekend (because I had to). I tried a new recipe. I ran 7 (total) miles. And walked who knows how many more…. New Year’s goals are totally on track!!

Friday: worked, came home, ran 3 miles, collapsed on couch, played on iPad, watched DVR, ate dinner four-year-old style (pigs in a blanket, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and a pudding cup). The equivalent of a perfect Friday to me. 

Saturday: Drove to High Point to meet my mom and neighbor for adventures at FurnitureLand South, where we walked who knows how many miles – they have over one million square feet of ‘showroom space’, I saw the world’s largest dresser (correction: world’s largest ’18th century Highboy’ replica), and everyone bought the furniture they came there to buy (well not for me, I didn’t buy anything. I was just there for moral support). Again, came home and ate a repeat of the 4 year old’s dinner and collapsed on the couch.

Sunday: Woke up at 8 AM (too early.), watched bad Lifetime movies, fell asleep again, woke up again, ran 4 miles, watched more bad TV, made Stuffed Cabbage Casserole. Ate it. Acquired horrible headache. Passed out.

The week ahead:

Continuing to make good progress on my New Year’s goals.

  • I am on track for my half-marathon training plan (Pilates tonight)
  • I have been flossing every day! Confession: not last night, my head hurt too badly and I just quick-brushed my teeth before passing out.
  • I am trying a new tofu recipe this week (but adding horseradish) and making a sesame rice and bean sprout, asparagus, mushroom saute to go with. 

All New Year’s goals go on hold this weekend… Well, I will still be exercising (walking, maybe a run or two, and perhaps dancing!) and flossing and hopefully eating decently… But I am going to Washington DC this weekend to visit two dear friends!!! I can’t wait! I have some cute new outfits to show off wear. It has been about 3 years since I have been to DC (for a very brief appearance) and it is one of my favorite cities. Oh yeah, I am taking Amtrak again… should be fun! The train I am on has wifi. Thank goodness.

I am looking forward to going to the International Spy Museum, the Newseum, trying new restaurants, and last but not least seeing Keena and Christine!!

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