30 within 30 – protein challenge

I was watching Dr. Oz this week, and he recommended having 30 g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up in order to jump-start your metabolism. Mine has been sluggish, so I am willing to try almost anything at this point to lose these last 10 – 12 lbs…

In order to do so, I want to start my day with a protein shake on my way to work. I don’t usually eat breakfast until 9:00 AM, and I don’t think this is really helping my cause… I am not planning to replace any meals with my shake, but I am planning on switching up my eating schedule and using the shake to supplement my meals. Here’s what I am going to try for the next few weeks… Until my protein powder arrives, I am going to use the Atkins shakes for a good grab-and-go option.

6:30 – 7 AM: Protein Shake
10 AM: Breakfast/snack
*insert potential lunchtime workout*
2 PM: Lunch
4 PM: Snack
*or insert potential post-work workout*
7 PM: Dinner

Based on this informative post, I chose to order the Food Science of Vermont Vanilla powder, and plan to mix this with 1 c. of Smart Balance milk. This will give me 31 g of protein to start my day. Let’s see how long this lasts…

I also discovered Luna Bars. To me, protein bars have a reputation of being diet-y and gross. But I decided needed to give them a try again (breakfast on the run), on my new quest for more protein. I think the Peanut Honey Pretzel bar has officially changed my life. The stats were great for a protein bar… I compared a few on-the-spot in the aisle at Target. And I really did not have high hopes. OMG this protein bar was good. I think you could unwrap it and give it to someone, telling them that it was a cool new candy bar, and they might not know the difference. Maybe this is because I haven’t had a candy bar in a while and have forgotten what they taste like… but I am not exaggerating about the deliciousness.

What is your favorite protein bar? Do you have a protein powder that you favor? Do you believe Dr. Oz’s theory of 30 within 30?

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