Whole again

Well, my internet has been out for a full 48 hours and it was the worst 48 hours of 2012. As you can tell, I am back on-line, because who gets on the internet without wireless? Oh, and I am dramatic.

53 dollars later, I have a new wireless router (which I may or may not need – but it is small and works well). My HD channels in my living room are also back – which is why the internet turned off in the first place. Time Warner reset SOMETHING and coincidentally that reset resulted in my internet disappearing.

I had to entertain myself with concerts (more on that later), working out, and *gasp* reading. Because my HD was out, TV just hasn’t been worth watching! Again, being dramatic… I really have been busy, so it was a good time for the internet to go out (if there is a good time for that to happen).

Favorite quotes of the internet outage:

Michael Shay: Is your internet back? Or do I need to call the suicide hotline?

Jonathan (brother): OK, get out your iPad… Wait… you have an iPad?!?! When the hell did that happen?¬†*context – we were verifying if the ‘fixed’ wifi worked, I had referenced my iPad several times in the conversation without this clicking*

Holla! A big shout out to my little bro who is my IT department away from work. He was calm, and talked me through fixing my internet. And after unplugging and replugging the modem in a very specific order about 5 times… Success! Here I am!!! Just in time for the weekend… because I am so cool and have no plans. Totally OK with that, it has been a long week and I am looking forward to relaxing and my first no-alarm Saturday in weeks!


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