I may or may not have…*

… broken down in tears on I-77 after work while listening to these random songs. Don’t ask.

… come home and wanted to continue the cry fest in the shower and then on the couch, but negotiated a deal with myself: I could do that only if I worked out first

… turned on my ipod shuffle and discovered the battery was drained

… got resourceful and busted out the spibelt, shoving my phone (for music) and keys (for the obvious) in to it

…. chosen to listen to Katy Perry and then switched to hardcore emo

… ran 2 miles at a sub-11 min pace, and walked 2 more at a sub-15 minute pace instead of eating my feelings in chocolate like I did last night

… returned from my run and instead of crying in the shower, did an art project for two different rooms in my apartment in about 15 minutes (more on that in another post)

Ok, now I am gonna go take a shower. There may or may not be tears. I hate being a girl. I hate PMS. You’re welcome for the TMI.

Update: I did not cry in the shower. I had a dance party to Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster while bathing and shaving my legs. Only one wound occurred. Again, you’re welcome for the TMI.

I totally did all of these things*

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