Arts and Crafts time

After my hellish day on Thursday, I came home and redirected my energy. My coworker official guest blogger, Elizabeth, inspired me to do an art project! You need to know, I am not crafty. I don’t like art projects. I used to scrapbook and like that, because all it involved was cutting and gluing.

This was the EASIEST art project in the whole world! And I happened to have all of the necessary components sitting around my apartment. Picture frames and scrapbook paper. The paper from my former scrapbooking days, and the frames I purchased at IKEA for a grand total of $2. I just hadn’t filled them with pictures yet. I had a bare wall in my kitchen that needed some attention anyway. This was perfect.
I cut the scrapbook paper to match the size of the frames. I inserted the scrapbook paper in to the frames. I hung them with a hammer and nails. 
Easy peasy. 
So easy that I decided to do a second set for my bathroom. Yes, all of these frames were just sitting around my apartment. 
Now, I know this is not a revolutionary thing to do, but the last time I made artwork for myself was when I lived in Tennessee. I made a collage out of magazine clippings. That was a big step for me. And it looks very homemade. These beauties look like I bought them at the store! I may paint the natural frames, but that involves a whole ‘nother level of craftiness. Maybe one day… 

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