Kitchen Nightmares: Egg Edition

It all started out innocently enough: with a craving for some comfort food egg salad like my mom and grandma make so deliciously. Went to bed with a severe migraine, woke up with a slightly better but still there migraine and all I wanted was some comfort food. How hard is it to boil some eggs? Apparently, hard.

Let me back up here. I followed these simple directions on how to hard boil eggs.Not so easy. I should have known when I started peeling the first egg that it just didn’t seem quite done. So my moronic resourceful self proceeded to put that egg back in the pot with the other unpeeled eggs. I was going to monitor the yolk to see when it was cooked. Not smart. I ended up with the picture above. And more not completely cooked eggs.

I gave up. I was out of my egg reserves and could not sacrifice another egg. So I turned to the microwave. Whatever. Eggs cook in the microwave? Sort of.

You see some normal colored hard boiled egg yolk poking out. That was the remainder of the ‘test yolk’ during the re-boil.

I settled for ‘cooked enough’ egg salad. I made 2 servings: one for today’s lunch and one for tomorrow’s. I took 4 hard boiled eggs (in theory, this was more like 3-ish), chopped ’em all up, added 2 tablespoons of Duke’s Mayo and 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard, a packet of splenda and salt and pepper. That was it! Deceptively easy. What should be a 20 minute process took me 45, all the while my stomach was growling at me, mocking me.

It turned out decent enough. With cauliflower ‘rice’ on the side.

I blame it on the electric stove.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Nightmares: Egg Edition

  1. Jennifer Lydey

    Hi Katie,Here is a fool proof way to hard boil eggs. Place eggs in salted water (enough to cover the eggs.) Bring to a boil As soon as the water begins to boil, remove from heat, cover and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove and place in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process. The yolks will be perfectly done, they will not turn green and the eggs should be easy to peel. Best of luck next time!Aunt Jenny


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