Sophia Grace and Rosie

These are the two coolest girls in Hollywood and they are 8 and 5 years old. Ellen found them and now has them do the red carpets for her at events like the Grammy’s… just watch the videos and I think you will agree that they are amazing. Betsy and I need to become fast friends with them because we would just get along so well.

If you do nothing else today or tonight, whenever you are reading this… watch these two videos.

SG and Rosie go to the Grammy museum
SG and Rosie do the Grammy Red Carpet
They also got to sing with Nicki Minaj, go to DisneyLand, and go on a Toys ‘R Us shopping spree – exclusively focusing on the Barbie aisles of course. 
I envy everything about their lives. They wear pretzel and ice cream bling necklaces, tutus, and tiaras. They are extremely polite which I can totally appreciate. Also, they don’t get nervous, they just get hungry and get to take snack breaks. They have no idea that they are on television.They sing wildly inappropriate song lyrics for their ages. And they are just awesome. 
I have always had a secret dream of becoming a rapper. I wonder if SG would take me on as her protege? And Betsy can be an apprentice to Rosie and become a hype girl. This plan is flawless… 

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