My mama is one lucky woman! She had not one, but two surprises for her 50th birthday! She is also lucky because she doesn’t look anywhere near her age…

She hasn’t changed a bit! That’s me and my mom at my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Dean’s wedding. I was 3 – over 20 years ago!

Anyway, back to the surprises. My dad planned to take my mom to the beach for her birthday, but she wanted to be with her whole family. My brother and I made excuses for why we couldn’t be there, and even presented her with her birthday present a few weeks early – which would be the “last time” we would both see her before her birthday. Little did she know, we were all scheming!!!

Friday night I drove from Charlotte to Durham and met up with some special friends of mine for dinner. It was great to see everyone, and it is always a wonderful time when we get together. I got to see so many people that I love! On Saturday morning, I picked my brother up in Raleigh and continued on our way down I-40 east (my favorite road in the world!)

My brother and I planned to meet my parents at Ruth’s Chris in Wilmington – conveniently at our hotel. My parents were staying at Carolina Beach. My brother and I were hiding in a booth awaiting my parents’ arrival! My mom and dad came in, and sat at the bar (we were behind them) and my dad told her to turn around – she was so surprised and happy to see us! Also, dinner was delicious… That was a fun surprise. All the while there was more scheming going on for the next weekend. Her birthday celebration was not over!!

My dad planned a surprise party for my mom back at home with all of our friends and neighbors (our NC family!). He did it all! All I had to do was get my mom out of Apex for the afternoon so she wouldn’t be suspicious.

I had run a 5K that morning in Charlotte, and conveniently scheduled an eye appointment on Saturday afternoon so that I would have to come home. My mom came with me to the appointment, and then we did some shopping! All while my dad was working like a busy bee to get the party started! He got a customized banner and candy bars as party favors! I was constantly texting my dad keeping him updated on our whereabouts (thank goodness I am always on my phone, or she might have gotten suspicious!). We got delayed at the mall due to some unfortunate circumstances (I may or may not have gotten stuck in a dress), which was a good thing; everyone was totally ready for the surprise when we got there!

When we walked in to Rudino’s, my mom was still totally clueless. I walked right in, and I hear her telling the hostess “oh we are meeting someone…” I had to walk towards the party for her to realize what was going on! The bar area was really busy and loud and it was kind of hard to tell what was happening! As you can see below, she noticed!!

Totally surprised!!! The party was a success. The food was yummy (I ❤ Rudino's pizza) and Coors Light was on special… that worked for me! My mom had a great time and was surrounded by her NC family and friends. Here are the rest of the pictures from the party!

I am so glad we were able to surprise my mom TWICE for her birthday!!! I love you, Mom!!!

P.S. I promise the surprises are over now… or do I?

One thought on “Surprise(s)!!!

  1. Susan

    You, Jonathan and Dad made my birthday so special. I had no idea all of those wonderful surprises were coming my way. Love you guys to pieces!


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