Best Body Bootcamp – Week 1 Recap

First week of Best Body Bootcamp is complete! 7 more to go!

Here is how my workouts for the week went. On Wednesday, I came down with a cold that came along with flu-like body achiness. It knocked me down on Wednesday and Thursday, but I felt a bit stronger on Thursday after resting all day and tried to go for an easy walk. Strength training was still out of the picture, although I attempted one of our strength training circuits on Saturday. Bad idea. I decided it was better to tone down the workouts for the rest of the week and just do walks, instead of pushing myself with a jog.  
Monday: Strength Training + 20 minute jog
Tuesday: 50 minute run/walk intervals
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 30 minute easy walk
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 1 circuit of strength training 
Sunday:  Walked ALL day furniture shopping

I took this week a lot easier than I had planned because of my unexpected illness. I am starting to feel better, and am down to just being congested. I can deal with that. No running just yet, but this shouldn’t impact my basic workouts for the week because I can substitute walking.

Looking forward to week 2! Next week’s workout plan is coming tomorrow…

How was your first week of Best Body Bootcamp? Did it go as expected, or did life get in the way?

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