Best Body Bootcamp – Week 2 Plan

Well here we are, week 2 of Best Body Bootcamp! Last week didn’t quite go as planned for me, but I am feeling mostly recovered from whatever illness knocked me down. I am still not going to do anything intense today or tomorrow, since I am pretty stuffy – I will probably just stick to walking outside until at least Wednesday… notice I was generic with ‘cardio intervals’

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here all week, so I should have no problems getting outside after work! While this time change is hard to adjust to, I love the extra hour of daylight at night and not having to rush home and cram an outdoor workout in.

Basically, perfect weather! If that isn’t incentive to get outside, I don’t know what is!

Here are my two healthy goals for the week!

Goal 1: Drink at last 64 oz. of water each day – this stayed the same from last week, still trying to drive this healthy habit home!
Goal 2: Eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal!

 Love my 32 oz. Rubbermaid bottle!

And here is my workout plan! Hopefully by Wednesday I will be back to jogging again!

Monday: 50 minute cardio intervals
Tuesday: 20 min cardio + workout B
Wednesday: 50 min cardio intervals
Thursday: 20 min cardio + strength training
Friday: 20 min HIIT + circuit training
Saturday: Bar Crawl = lots of walking
Sunday: Rest

Looking forward to kicking bootcamp booty this week in preparation for some special visitors this weekend!!!

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