Best Body Bootcamp – Week 2 Recap/Week 3 Plan

Week 2 of Bootcamp has gone MUCH better than week 1. No unexpected illnesses! I did have some unexpected late days at the office, but that frustration just gave me some awesome workout fuel…

As far as my healthy goals went, I did pretty well…

Goal 1 was to drink at least 64 oz. of water each day. I successfully accomplished that 6 out of 7 days this week! Goal 2 was to eat a fruit or vegetable with each meal. I accomplished that at the beginning of the week… I kind of fell off the wagon at the end of this week, so I will be re-attempting this goal again this week!

As far as workouts go, I planned on starting the week slowly, eventually building back up to running again. I love the flexibility of this plan. As long as I get up and get moving almost every day, and incorporate the strength and circuit training in with my normal cardio, I know that by week 8 that I will be seeing some serious results.

Here is my workout recap for Week 2:

Monday: 50 minute walk
Tuesday: 20 minute run + 10 minute walk + strength training
Wednesday: 30 minutes on elliptical + 15 minutes walking on the treadmill + circuit training
Thursday: 20 minute run + 10 minute walk
Friday: 30 minute run + 45 minute walk
Saturday: 5 mile walk
Sunday: Rest

Yesterday was a WELL deserved rest day. I probably ate way too much, and was totally worthless watching Saved By the Bell all afternoon, but I earned it! 

So far so good with Best Body Bootcamp. I feel great. The scale isn’t reflecting a weight loss, but I am not worried about that. I can see and feel my body toning, and I can feel muscles working that I really didn’t even know that I had. I still need to work on getting more strength in to the routine. Due to schedule conflicts, I was only able to do strength training one day this week, and circuit training one day. I’d like to take this a bit more seriously in week 3! I think the way that the workouts are structured, I will be getting some more strength work in naturally.

And now for the week 3 plan… 

Goal 1: Eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables with every meal (Did not work out so well last week)
Goal 2: Take my vitamins every day (Again, I slacked this past week)

Exercise Plan… Weekday workouts are clearly defined. Weekend workouts are still kind of TBD!

Monday: Circuit intervals + lower body strength training
Tuesday: 30 minute interval training + core work
Wednesday: 40 minute mixed intervals + core work
Thursday: Full body strength training
Friday: Circuit intervals + upper body strength training
Saturday: Cardio – maybe a long walk, maybe Pilates, maybe both? Kind of depends on the weather
Sunday: Off – traveling to MA

Cheers to a good week 3!!!

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