Best Body Bootcamp – Week 4 Recap

All of week 4, I was traveling all over the Eastern Seaboard! I always have issues when I get out of my normal routine, so I sent my healthy goals to help me stick to it!

Goal 1: Record my meals and snacks in My Fitness Pal
Goal 2: Floss every night

I did OK on both of these goals… far better at the beginning of the week than towards then end, when I was too tired to care any more!

I didn’t make a specific workout plan this week, but I figured I would squeeze in as much working out as I could, with the hopes of getting 5 days in. I consider this week to be a workout success. I have never made it a point to fit in some intense workouts on a work trip – there is a first for every thing!

Here is how week 4 went, workout-wise:

Monday: 60 min plant tour (all walking!)
Tuesday: 30 min walk outside
Wednesday: 30 min circuit training – lower body and jogging/walking interals
Thursday: 45 min walk (another plant tour!)
Friday: 30 min walk (yet another tour..), 2.5 mile jog, 30 mins of abs
Saturday: 60 min strength training intervals, walking ALL day around DC
Sunday: REST!

Overall, it was a good week – especially with traveling from Sunday to Sunday. Looking forward to getting back to normal this week! I just opened up the Phase 3 plan for Best Body Bootcamp (can we say intense?), so details on my week 5 plan to come tomorrow! Also, stay tuned for details from my epic road trip and weekend in DC!

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