Best Body Bootcamp – Wrap Up

So, as you may have noticed… I kind of fell off the boot camp bandwagon. Things have just been insane at work, my travel schedule has been ridiculous (a lot of that has been self-imposed), and in general I have just been stressed out. Not an excuse to not work out, but a lot is going on and changing, and exercise has fallen to the wayside. I have also picked up some of my old bad habits – eating out a lot, making TV a priority over everything else, and making bad food choices.

I am not stepping on the scale because #1 it just ruins my day, and #2 I don’t want my life to be dictated by the scale anymore. My clothes still fit, and I can’t complain too badly.

Boot camp has been a GREAT experience for me. While I have fallen (recently) back in to old habits, it is nice to know that I have a plan to follow when life gets in the way. I took the time today to plan out my next few weeks of workouts and am going to do my absolute, very best to stick to it!

Yes… I am doing it again! Once this week is over, I plan to start boot camp all over again. And just keep repeating the weeks until a new boot camp starts again 🙂 Part of my hesitance this past week is that I haven’t felt good – allergies or a cold? I am not sure… also, I feel like my fitness level has dropped because I missed a week of the ‘intense’ workouts in week 7. So I haven’t really had the confidence to really kick butt. I think starting over at week 1, and repeating weeks as necessary, will really help me get to where I want to go!

I have enjoyed the boot camp community and am going to enjoy interacting even after round 1 of boot camp is over. Formal updates will stop, but I will still check in occasionally on my progress!

One thought on “Best Body Bootcamp – Wrap Up

  1. KQD

    I am going to start over at week one too! I started missing work outs around week 5 and it was hard to pick up momentum. I loved the work outs in the beginning and it will probably be better as we will be more familiar with the moves.


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