The longest love affair

I have had a long standing obsession love affair with one man since I was ohhhh about 13 years old. His name is John Mayer – ask any one of my high school friends or my mom, they would confirm. I have seen him countless times in concert, and I certainly can forgive his transgressions. Just look at this baby face (circa 1999). I definitely cut this picture out of a magazine and put it in one of me and my bff’s legendary ‘notebooks’ that we would pass around. Oh, the memories…

It has been a few years since John released a new album (Battle Studies has been in my 6 disc cd changer since 2010). John Mayer is BACK! His new album comes out on May 22nd. I am going to be out of the country. WHAT is a girl to do?!?!?

I’ll just have to watch the video on repeat until Memorial Day weekend. No worries. It makes me want to go to Arizona, but the Las Vegas desert will just have to do.

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