Best Body Bootcamp 2 – Week 3

And we are on to Phase 2 of BBB! Hard to believe. I had a really good week last week.

Biggest accomplishments: I had some amazing workouts during the week. There were multiple days at work where I said: I can’t wait to go home, work out, shower, and drink wine. After I was done with my workout and shower, no wine was needed! It helped me decompress, and the rough week at work just fueled my workouts and made them awesome. I worked out really hard during the week, so I decided to take Saturday and Sunday off. It was a nice break! I also didn’t go out to eat at all this weekend. That is virtually unheard of.

Monday: Push supersets + core
Tuesday: Treadmill cardio intervals
Wednesday: Pull supersets with cardio intervals
Thursday: Progression intervals + core
Friday:  Gym + abs DVD
Saturday: Off 
Sunday: Off

I am going to stick with similar goals from week 2:

Goal 1: Drink 64 oz of water before end of work day/dinnertime on weekends – and then some! This is becoming a habit again, which is great. 

Goal 2: No eating out for breakfast during the week! No eating out for lunch or dinner either during the week – this shouldn’t be too hard since I have a fully stocked fridge. This weekend, all bets are off… I have guests in town. But, I am going to limit my eating out during the week, because I really have no excuse to eat out for any meal this work-week. I have more than enough food! This is to eat healthier and save money!

One thought on “Best Body Bootcamp 2 – Week 3

  1. Anonymous

    Good for you! You're doing great 🙂 The biggest change that I could make would DEFINITELY be to stop eating out so much. Have a great week!!


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