Best Body Bootcamp 2 – Week 5

I am a little behind on posting this week… I have been continuing to do well with Boot Camp though! I feel like I have been taking it more ‘seriously’ this time around: doing the workouts as prescribed (with the exception of some of the cardio), and focusing on my diet/water intake. Last time I did this, I was struggling with some food issues which were impacting my weight loss. Over halfway through and feeling much better this time around. Seeing a difference in my clothes is really motivating me!


Monday – Workout A (strength + active recovery intervals)
Tuesday – Walk 3.5 miles + Run 1 mile (outside)
Wednesday – Workout B (strength + active recovery intervals)
Thursday – Elliptical (long) intervals
Friday – Workout C (cardio circuit training)
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off

Healthy Goals:

Goal 1 – Limit my carb intake

Goal 2 – No boozing it on weeknights

I will be in Washington DC this weekend, so the healthy goals will probably fall short – but I have been doing pretty well during the week with limiting my carbs. I have had a few cravings (tortilla chips *ahem*) that I have ‘smartly’ indulged in… just having one portion! I am OK with that. Last week I had a few beers/wine throughout the week. Trying to limit that this week. So far, so good.  

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