Best Body Bootcamp 2 – Week 6

Checking in on boot camp – I can’t believe there are only 3 weeks left! This week looks a lot like last week… which was hard but gave me some really great workouts. Tina is upping the ante this week and adding in an additional set of weights!

Low carb week last week went pretty well.  I gave in to some cravings during the week, but I kept it all under control. I felt a lot better: less bloated, skinnier, even though the scale didn’t say so.


Monday – Workout A (strength + active recovery intervals)
Tuesday – Walk outside or on Treadmill
Wednesday – Workout B (strength + active recovery intervals)
Thursday – Elliptical (long) intervals
Friday – Workout C (cardio circuit training)
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off

Healthy Goals:

Goal 1 – Make a smoothie every AM for breakfast (no eating out for breakfast!)

Goal 2 – Bed by 11 PM – I am really tired this week, and making sure I am getting 8 hours of sleep each night is important!

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