Best Body Bootcamp 4 – Week 1

Two posts in a row… cray-cray!

So I’ve made it 5 days of Best Body Bootcamp, and I live to tell the tale.

This week has been really good – after oh… 2 months of not caring at all about what I ate, and exercising sporadically, it feels so good to be back in a routine of healthy living. After being on a candy bender over Christmas, I had to detox myself. My sweets of choice this week have been: berries, sugar free pudding, and a few bowls of peanut butter Cheerios (love). No chocolate or candy – it’s helped cut down on the sugar cravings dramatically, or maybe it’s all in my head. Who knows, either way, I’m gonna go with it.

For Best Body Bootcamp, we have to set two healthy goals each week. They could be anything related to healthy living. I chose: walk Jerry around the block and floss every night. Things I should be doing every day right? Right, but I wasn’t. I had a dog that also needed to be on a post-holiday diet, and my teeth just felt gross. Everyday (except today) has been decent weather-wise, and I’ve managed to get Jerry around the block (or longer) every day! We did make it on a walk today, even though it was a little dreary. He loves it, and I am enjoying it too. Most days I take him for a quick walk at lunchtime, which works perfectly. A nice break in the day for both of us!

As far as workouts go, it feels really good to be back at the gym. This is what I have done so far this week, and what I have planned for the weekend.

Monday: Core class + 30 minutes of elliptical intervals
Tuesday: Boot Camp Fitness Test + circuit intervals on the stability ball and treadmill (bootcamp workout)
Wednesday: 75 minute walk with Jerry, still didn’t tire him out
Thursday: 45 minute Centergy class (5:45 AM – a FIRST in my life, a morning workout. Can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t hate it)
Friday: 40 minute walk with Jerry
Saturday: Core circuit (bootcamp workout)
Sunday: Maybe Centergy class, maybe more circuit intervals, maybe nothing??

I’m more motivated than I have ever been to get fit. I have a lot of reasons why, but the most important reason is that I want to do it for me!

I’m off to enjoy my evening – the family is coming to town tomorrow because my parents are adopting a new puppy! More to come… 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp 4 – Week 1

  1. Camillaroo

    Congrats on getting back on track with your blog – I know holidays can get you side-tracked…trust me!My dog is always my perfect motivation for taking a walk/run in the afternoons; its not all about you anymore…they need the exercise and you are responsible for giving it to them! What a great way to force yourself to get outside!Roo and I went for a 1.3 mile run today; and we will BOTH sleep good tonight. Some exercise is better than none!


  2. Katie

    Thanks, Camille! Having Jerry really has inspired me to get outside more… You're right, you are responsible for getting them exercise so it's even more incentive to get outside yourself!


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