DIY: Family Flash Cards

If you know me, you know I am not a DIY kind of gal. Never have been. Never will be. However, this was a DIY project that I was really excited about! One that you can’t really mess up. Family flash cards for Theo!

Supplies: a photo printer (I used the HP Sprocket), index cards, a sharpie, and a laminator.

I first found headshots of all of our loved ones – the higher the resolution the better, but really any photo will work, even if borrowed from social media. I cropped them to my desired size, and then applied the black and white setting in Lightroom.

For printing, I used the HP Sprocket. It’s an inkless device that prints 2×3 photos like a Polaroid. Also, the pics have a peel-off backing that reveals a sticky side, so you can easily apply the photos to any surface. I also use this printer for Theo’s baby book.

Then I took each photo, peeled off the backing, and applied it vertically to a 3×5 index card. Underneath each photo, I wrote that family member’s name. It’s literally as simple as that! You could decorate each card with more stickers or a cute drawn on border, but I am not that crafty or creative. I’m keeping this as simple as possible.

I bought an Amazon Basics laminator so that I could do this specific project. I laminated all of the cards, cut them up, and voila!

I think this will be a great way to keep Theo familiar with faces of loved ones that he doesn’t see every day. I can’t wait to watch him learn everyone’s faces and names!

Now, what else can I do with my laminator?!

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5 thoughts on “DIY: Family Flash Cards

  1. Louise Williams

    Love this. You could also make him placemats with your laminator. As he gets older, you could make educational worksheets that he could write on with washable markers. It will also be perfect to preserve those special art projects he creates.


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