A day in the life of… 1.0

Adventures of a stay at home mom and her 11 month old.

Every day can be a bit monotonous. I am not going to lie or sugar coat that, and sometimes it gets lonely and boring (especially in these COVID times) – but we try and do things to mix it up as often as possible, so that my child knows that a world exists beyond our living room.

7:30 am – I hear Theo crying on the monitor. Usually he wakes up around 7/7:30 am and plays quietly in his crib, talks to himself, etc. until I go get him around 8 AM. Today, he was not having it! I change him, bring him back to bed, and nurse him for about 10 minutes. Then we watch cartoons in bed for an hour or so. This gives me some time to catch up on text, email, and social media. But if you think he sits nicely to watch TV, you would be wrong. Lately, he does laps around the bed and chases the dogs around so this doesn’t make for the most relaxing time, although in principle it sounds great!

9 am – Theo loves getting out of the house and going for walks in the stroller. Here in NC, it has been really hot, so we have not gotten outside much. Now that the weather is cooling down, we are trying to get out on a walk at least once a day. When the weather permits, we have been walking to Dunkin’ Donuts. I get a coffee, and we share a bagel. Theo also has a Stonyfield yogurt pouch every morning for breakfast. I face Theo’s stroller towards the road so that he can watch the cars drive by. He loves it! On our walk back home, we also stopped by the grocery store to pick up some more yogurt pouches. I may or may not have impulse bought a pumpkin cheesecake also.

10 am – back home and it’s naptime! I’ll spend this nap getting ready for class, finishing my coffee, and working on the blog. Background show always something from Bravo. I’m currently watching Real Housewives of Orange County for the first time through.

11 am – get up and get ready for Kindermusik class!

11:45 am – time for class! This is Theo’s second time going. He was definitely a lot more animated this time. Since we don’t get out of the house much, his first class he seemed quite nervous (just look at his face in the first class photo). Theo is the oldest baby in class, so some of the activities are a little… stationary… for him. For example, he’s not going to lay on his back and let me massage him (EL OH EL). But we find ways to have our own fun. Today he particularly liked hiding car keys in a cup, and finding them again. Also, snacks.

12:30 am – quick visit with Granna and Pops on the way home from class. This is when he normally has lunch, but today he ate during Kindermusik. Banana and a HappyTot pouch. Our favorite flavor is on sale right now at Thrive Market.

2 pm – back home for another nap! Mama will spend this time laminating, tidying up a bit, and watching the Paris Hilton documentary on YouTube.

4 pm – Theo is up and it’s time for a snack and another walk. This time with a friend on the lovely greenway attached to our neighborhood.

5 pm – back from the walk and it’s time for dinner, and playtime before bed at 7 pm. Tonight, Theo had some leftover homemade mac and cheese and pulled chicken. Also, Daddy is home!!!

After Theo goes to bed, Mom & Dad eat dinner and catch up on our DVR shows. We are usually in bed pretty early because who doesn’t love laying in bed?! Some nights I stay up way too late scrolling social media or reading, and Matt lately has been watching the NBA playoffs (yay sports).

Like I said, most of our days look exactly the same – except one day a week we go to Kindermusik! On the other days, we usually just do independent play and lunch during that time period. Sometimes we go out to lunch with friends, but mostly, we just hang at home playing and watching Dora the Explorer or Bravo (lol).

What fun “at home” activities do you do with your toddler??

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