Want It Wednesday 1.0

I’m currently trying very hard to pare back my online shopping addiction, but I love window shopping and sharing my finds. I’d like to share a few items that I want right now, but I have not yet clicked “add to cart.” Today’s “Want It Wednesday” features stuff that I want to get Theo for his first (!!) birthday.

Did you guys know that Sam’s Club sells play pretend stuff for kids? I had my eye on the Melissa and Doug, and Maisonette play kitchens – but I am an absolute Sam’s Club stan. So I really want to get him this play kitchen.

It absolutely cracks me up that Theo sits like a tiny adult watching tv, but I think he needs a monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chair for the living room.

There’s nothing cuter than babies in sweatpants and sweatshirts, so I love this little pajama set that I found on Amazon. Okay, okay, I might buy these soon…

Please share your gift ideas for a one year old! Bonus points if the gifts can be found on Amazon.

This post contains affiliate links.

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