Rescue Ranch, Statesville NC

It was a beautiful, sunny day here in NC, and now that Theo only takes one nap, we have time for more adventures during the day.

Theo loves the dogs, so I figured he might enjoy going to meet some other animals. We decided to head up to a local animal sanctuary called Rescue Ranch in Statesville, NC. They were running an admission special last week which was a great excuse for us to check it out. We had access to the animals as well as the playground. Here are some photos from our visit. I can’t wait to go back when Theo gets a little older!

2 thoughts on “Rescue Ranch, Statesville NC

    1. kev1124

      We did more of a self guided tour (on a discount LOL). They have guided tours with animal encounters that I think would be great for your niece!! It would give her some more individual time with the people who work there to ask questions. She’d also get plenty of time to mingle with the animals behind the fences also. I’m not sure when kids stop liking playgrounds, but the playground was awesome and available to use with the price of admission. They also have hiking trails which we were NOT prepared to use.


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