So I’m gonna have a baby? What the f*ck do I need?

This was my first question after I got pregnant, once I realized baby was healthy, and I made it out of the literally exhausting first trimester. Growing another actual organ I think is more taxing on your body than growing the human attached to it. But I digress….

We created our primary registry on Amazon, and had a smaller registry for nursery decor on Pottery Barn Kids. Here are some of the things we couldn’t have lived without during the newborn phase.

Play Mat: we got the Lovevery play mat, and I cannot say enough good things about their products. This playmat was a lifesaver until Theo started crawling. The good news is, it turns into a tent for toddler!

So smol.

Sound Machine: we got the Hatch Rest+ because while it usually plugs into the wall, it is also battery powered. This means that when the power goes out, your sound machine isn’t interrupted. You may or may not realize what a big deal this is. Also, if I know Theo will be sleeping someplace else, I can throw the Hatch into my purse and it’s easily portable! It also is an audio monitor. Get this sound machine.

Infant Lounger: we got the Boppy Infant Lounger because it had great reviews and was inexpensive. He outgrew it quickly but it was amazing to have while it lasted. It’s a great place to prop baby for supervised naps, tummy time, bottle feeding, even a dog bed. I also got reusable covers for it, and they got frequently washed!

Jerry claiming the boppy lounger as his own

Bassinet: we went with the Halo Essentia and it was a game time decision but I’m so thankful for this bassinet! It was reassuring to know that Theo was right next to me, in a safe space.

Pardon the messy bedroom. Life with a newborn was chaos!

Burp Cloths: any kind will do, but you need more than you think you need! Even though we are kind of past the burp cloth phase right now, I still use them regularly for wiping up spills, wiping a nose, playing peekaboo, the list goes on and on. I prefer the Burts Bees brand burp cloths. Aesthetically pleasing and very absorbent! Also durable.

Diaper Pail: we went with the Dekor diaper pail, after extensive research. You use their bags, but it does a really good job of keeping odor down and also you can “select a size” so if you have a really stinky load, you can cut the bag off the roll, take out the crap, and voila! You’re starting fresh.


Bath Supplies: bathtime with a newborn was really scary for me, and I even made my mom do Theo’s first bath because I was so scared. I told her “babies are slippery!” but we survived. I love the hooded towels from Monica + Andy, Tubby Todd lotion and hair/body wash, and when the baby was itty bitty, this warming washcloth really came in handy to keep him warm.

Baby Carrier: the Ergo Embrace was my best friend for the first 6 or so months of Theo’s life. We also have an Ergo 360, but I’m short and he was small, and I needed an alternative to safely carry him around. The Embrace was so comfortable for both of us! It has a weight limit of 25 lbs, and we are close to that now so I’ve switched back to the 360.

Comfy, cozy clothes for mom: I lived (and continue to live) in my Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan. We keep our house pretty cool, and this is such a nice sweater to wear over nursing tanks or pajamas, and it makes you feel just a little bit luxurious even if you may not have brushed your teeth that day. And who knows when you washed your hair last.

There are lots and lots of other things we needed, but they dont need as much of an explanation so I am just listing them out here.

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What were your newborn must haves??

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