Want it Wednesday 2.0

Today, I’d like to review a few things on my Birthday and Christmas list. I am a Thanksgiving baby, so my birthday and Christmas are always close together. I actually love it!

Hatch Restore: I have major (read: MAJOR) issues getting out of bed in the mornings. God has blessed me with a child that also likes sleeping in, but I’ve got to get it together. I’ve heard great things about the Restore as both a sound machine and an alarm clock. This is at the TOP of my Christmas list.

Kyte adult blanket: I already got one of these for an early birthday present and it’s awesome. So cozy. It’s also queen sized so it can go on top of your bed. One side of the blanket is quilted and the other side is so incredibly soft. I was finding myself very jealous of Theo’s sleep sacks – but the super soft side of the blanket is made of the same material. I still have a place on my lap for my old faithful: Barefoot Dreams blankets. This is just an nice option to add to the rotation. I opted for the “chrome” color but I noticed they have a new marble print that’s gorgeous.

Ember Mug: you may notice a theme here. Items to help me sleep, or items to help me wake up LOL I usually microwave my coffee at least 3 times every morning, so this seems like a product with my name written all over it. Now that we have moved the playroom upstairs, I can’t leave Theo up there unattended to reheat my coffee several times. Besides, everyone who has one of these raves about it.

Bosu Ball: I’m trying to get back into at-home workouts, and one of my favorite workout tools at the gym is a Bosu Ball. It’s such a great piece of equipment and very versatile. So I’m also hoping to get one of these to take my at-home workouts to the next level, since I really have no idea when I will be getting back into the gym, between a baby and COVID. (Really, I want a Peloton Treadmoll but I guess this will have to do).

Mini Fridge: we are working on redoing our upstairs living room as Theo’s playroom. I realized that we need a fridge up there for Theo’s yogurt (and by Theo’s yogurt, I mean my Bud Light Seltzer’s).

There you have it: these are my top priority items on my Birthday and Christmas list.

What are you asking for this year for the Holidays?!

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