Dupe Scoop: Creme de la Blair

So in quarantine, I got *really* into skincare. And more specifically: expensive skincare, which isn’t exactly the most sustainable route for a stay at home mom. I’ve invested quite a bit in expensive skincare, and some things I will gladly rebuy, but other things I am definitely looking for a less expensive dupe.

Let’s talk moisturizer. In the evenings, I like a heavier moisturizer for my skin. Especially in the wintertime. I’ve always wanted to try Creme de la Mer because it’s bougie, just like me. I ordered the 0.5 oz container, because it’s outrageously expensive. I think it will last me a really long time. I use it once or twice per week (rotating with other moisturizers). It’s SUPER luscious and thick and I think it personally has a nice scent that reminds me of my Nana every time I use it. But it’s outrageously expensive and not necessary.

When I ordered my Revision lip mask, I also got a sample of Creme de la Blair, made by a Charlotte local PA and skin care enthusiast, Skin by Blair. It has no scent, which is perfectly fine by me. It’s not an exact dupe by any means, but it’s also very luscious, just not as thick. I’ll apply it morning or night depending on what kind of moisture I feel like I need. I ABSOLUTELY love this moisturizer and would rebuy 100x over again. I think it’s a staple that everyone should have in their skincare routine. If I wasn’t breastfeeding still, I’d probably be using Creme de la Blair in the AM underneath the Revision Intellishade tinted moisturizer and in the evening I’d be using something that has a retinoid in it, but alas, I’ll be refraining from the retinol until I wean Theo.

Bottom line? I’ll never buy Creme de la Mer again unless I suddenly come into an absurd amount of money. Also the small jar that I got will likely last me a very long time. 10/10 will be buying more Creme de la Blair when I am out of my sample tub.

Do you have a favorite moisturizer?

2 thoughts on “Dupe Scoop: Creme de la Blair

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