DIY: Family Flash Cards 2.0

Me being the crafty individual that I am (LOL), I thought I was so clever creating my flash cards and thought they were perfect. But I had to take them and level up.

I have a small group of mom friends from my due date group, and we live all across the country. I wanted to do something special for our baby’s first birthdays. And as a person with a supply chain background, I am always trying to make things better.

Enter, flash cards 2.0. I decided to take these up a notch by backing the cards with random pieces of colorful scrapbook paper and using color photos this time. Well, colorful except for one mama who is obsessed with black and white. She got black and white cards.

I printed the photos and peeled off the sticky back and applied to an unlined 3×5 card. I also hand cut all of the scrapbook paper to 3×5 using my handy Fiskars paper cutter (this took forever but it was so worth it). I then affixed it to the back of the index card with some double sided tape. Laminated as usual, and then used the paper cutter to cut the cards out. And then I used this handy dandy corner rounder that I found on Amazon to make the cards more professional -looking.

They turned out perfect and every time I see a photo of their baby playing with the flash cards, I tear up and get a huge smile. We have to come up with creative ways for our sweet little COVID babies to get to know their friends.

Please point me in the direction of some other (doable) DIY projects that I can do with or for my toddler!

2 thoughts on “DIY: Family Flash Cards 2.0

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