My thoughts on becoming a stay at home mom

I’ve alluded to this here and there, but here’s my whole ~journey~ to becoming a stay at home mom:

This might be more detail than anyone even cares about but here I go anyway LOL. I had Theo in October 2019, and was lucky enough to be able to take a 6 month maternity leave (16 weeks of that was covered under a paid parental leave program as a benefit of my company). I was scheduled to go back to work in early May. After my 16 week paid parental leave, I was on unpaid leave until May. During that unpaid leave, I got a phone call that my job was being eliminated and I was being offered a severance package after my official return to work date.

In the meantime, Matt and I had a pretty big decision to make. Should I go back to work and start a new job amidst COVID, risking intermittent childcare/daycare and potentially jugging working from home with an infant? Or forgo my six figure salary, and hit “pause” on a successful (yet fairly unfulfilling) career?

We determined that it made the most sense for our family for me to stay home with Theo for at least another year, as we navigate the global pandemic.

It’s been QUITE an adjustment on all levels. I am so lucky that I get the privilege to stay home with Theo. And it makes me feel physically ill to think of someone else taking care of him right now, but DAMN we have some bad days! Some days I feel like I am just being yelled at all day by a tiny boss, and tiny bosses don’t understand logic. Well, some adult bosses also don’t understand logic but that’s neither here nor there. We play, we watch TV, one of us eats a LOT, and we also take a LOT of selfies.

It’s also a huge financial adjustment. I’ve always been used to bringing in a significant amount of our income, and until 2019, I’ve always been the primary income earner. We have recently been working on a formal budget, since my severance runs out this month, and it has been really eye opening for me. Please share any and all tips you have on saving money with me!

All that said, working outside of the home has its perks (I wouldn’t have to change 276 poopy diapers per week), and working inside of the home has its perks (if I’m tired and Theo is napping, I can nap too). Right now, despite the isolation and monotony, I am incredibly thankful that I get to stay home with him, and we will see what the future holds for our family and my career!

7 thoughts on “My thoughts on becoming a stay at home mom

  1. Anna

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I have been a stay home for 12 years. And it started with being let go because I had surgery and I missed an important meeting. I’m an attorney and everyday I feel like I wasted my skills but seeing my 2 boys grow up and being with them I will never trade it for the world. I will write a post later today giving more details. Hope you get a chance to read it.


  2. Lynne Jay

    Hi there! Aww your little one is so sweet. Being a stay at home mom has always been my dream in life, though I have no doubt it is crazy challenging at times! Before I was laid off due to covid, I was working as an Event Sales Manager (mainly weddings), which can’t exactly be done remotely! So I wondered how I’d ever be able to one day work from home… until now! 😀 I’m not sure if you’ve heard of VIPKid, but I began English online this year (to adorable students in China & Japan!) and it has opened up soOo many possibilities!! You have complete control over your schedule and can work from anywhere, and it’s honestly so rewarding & fun. I know a lot of stay-at-home-mommies teach in the early mornings before their little ones are up. I just do it part-time at the moment but there are plenty of full-time teachers out there who are bringing in more monthly than I did as a manager! I talk more about it in my (brand new) blog, so feel free to swing by if you’re interested!
    Happy New Year & all the best to you and your family! 💖
    P.S. Feel free to use the referral link / code in my blog to get started! 🙂 All the best!


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